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How We Met

People are always surprised to hear that we met on the dating app Tinder. I am American, he is Lebanese and we both live in Doha, Qatar. The dating scene in Doha is horrible. People never plan on staying in Qatar long, so, as a result, dating is seldom taken very seriously and generally relationships are short lived. It is with this attitude that we both started using Tinder: not looking for or expecting anything serious from it.

We matched late at night on August 21, 2014. I saw the match before going to sleep but did not think much of it. I woke the next morning and saw a message he sent me at 3am (presumably after a few drinks) which read “I know I shouldn’t be writing this late, but whatever good vibes!” Taking this attitude as a good sign I started chatting with him. As he had just broken his foot a few days before and couldn’t drive, it was decided that I would come to his hose later that morning for a “Lord of the Rings” marathon (turns out a love of LOTR was the first of many things we had in common.)

On my drive to his house I realized that going to a man’s house whom I just met on Tinder was probably a very stupid thing to do. I did it anyway. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. It took us 2 days, lots of chat breaks and a delicious home cooked chicken dinner to finish our LOTR marathon, and by the end I was hooked.

The year and a half that has followed has been nonstop adventure and love. Our personal mantra “fun finds us” is very telling of our ability to enjoy every minute of each others company and find an adventure in even the most mundane daily rituals.

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how they asked

We decided to travel to Lebanon to spend Christmas with his family this year. He is from a beautiful city named Zahle which is nestled at the base of the mountains in the Bekaa valley about an hour drive from Beirut. A few days before Christmas Eve, he told me that he wanted to take me for a drive and we set off on a 30 min trip through the beautiful Bekaa and ended at Chateau Kefraya Winery.

After wandering around the parks and the vineyard we decided to walk up a road which winds up a hill to the actual Chateau. At the top of the hill we found an absolutely gorgeous small forest. The ground was covered in clovers which made for an amazing green backdrop and the sun was slanted perfectly so we decided to prop my phone on a tree and have a small selfie photo shoot.

While walking back down the hill Joe looked at the photos we had taken and suddenly insisted that we go back and take one of us kissing. At this point we were already at the bottom so I was reluctant to go back up, but he insisted. We went back to the little forest and he set his phone up on the tree and came running back to me. I found out later that he was not planning on proposing there. He had a special mountain getaway planned for the next day where he was gong to propose, but the scenery was so beautiful and he was carrying the ring in his pocket everywhere he went so he decided he had to do it then.

The first thing I notice when he came back to me was that his heart was pounding. I didn’t understand why until suddenly he was down on a knee with a ring in his hand. It was an amazing moment.

It turns out his phone was on video the whole time and he recorded the whole thing.

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