Nicole and Jimmy

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How We Met

We met on April 5, 2012 at the Pittsburgh Pirate’s opening day at PNC Park where we instantly caught each other’s eye. After meeting, we played on a softball team together and the rest was history! Finally, on September 28, 2012 (following a date night at PNC Park watching our Pittsburgh Pirates), Jimmy finally asked me to be his girlfriend. To which I responded, “I thought I already was.” PNC Park quickly became our favorite “happy” place and a major staple in our relationship.

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how they asked

Jump forward to October 28, 2016, exactly four years and one month since the day we officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, Jimmy suggested we go down to the North Shore (near PNC Park) for a drink after work before heading into town for a casual dinner. We stopped and had a beer then started walking past PNC Park where Jimmy started talking about our relationship, how this ballpark has been a part of all of our big milestones to date, how far we’ve come together and how much we still have to look forward to. Right past the ballpark on the left field side, we started to walk across Roberto Clemente Bridge. Halfway across the bridge, Jimmy kissed me and started to stall me. I kept nudging him onward, thinking about the meatball place we were on our way to for dinner. As I started to turn and continue to walk across the bridge, Jimmy grabbed my hand and said “Nic, this is it!” In what felt like slow motion, he got down on one knee and slowly reached into his pocket . I wish I remembered more of what he was saying but I was in complete shock as he asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. After initially responding are you kidding me?! and then finally realizing this was really happening, I responded yes about five times! There we stood on the bridge overlooking our favorite place, ready to take on our biggest adventure yet!

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In true fairy tale fashion, we will be celebrating the start of our marriage with family and friends at the place where it all started, PNC Park. We cannot wait for Lewis Opening Day on November 11, 2017!