Nicole and Jesse

how we met

We met waaaaaaay back in the day. 2005-2006, (in middle school). Jesse was in 6th grade and I was in 8th. He tells me all the time I was the older girl he had a crush on and I just remember him being this little kid with an afro ;) We reconnected a few summers ago and now have a beautiful 1 year old daughter and are finally tying the knot!

how they asked

We got engaged on Christmas Eve! We spent the night visiting both of our families because it was our daughters first Christmas! When we got home that night, as I was finally crawling into bed he asked me to come out in to the living room. When I walked out he was standing there in front of our Christmas tree (we were both wearing our matching clark griswald Christmas pj’s lol) and he grabbed my hands and asked me to marry him! He told me how he wanted to ask me in the comfort and privacy of our tiny little home by the beach, in front of our Christmas tree, a place where we will get to spend a ton more Christmas’s with our growing family. It was super special and romantic and it meant so much! (my parents were also engaged on christmas eve 43 years ago!)

Special Thanks

Jaye Kogut Photography
 | Photography
Colorbar the Salon
 | Hair Stylist
Updike Farmstead
 | Venue