Nicole and Jerry

How we met: Jerry and I met at a Labor Day BBQ. We had mutual friends but didn’t really get the chance to talk one on one. A few days later we friended each other on facebook and began chatting. We discovered we both had a passion for hockey. I think it’s fair to say we had each other at “I love hockey!” We were inseprable after that.

how they asked: We always dreamt of visiting the hockey hall of fame. We decided to finally take the trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Toronto is an 8 hour drive from New Jersey. We left early Thursday morning and got there by the mid-afternoon. We had a great dinner in town and went back to the hotel to rest up for the next day. Friday morning we were off to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Since I was a little girl hockey was always a big part of my life, being that my father was a big Devils fans. Jerry also grew up admiring the Devils and playing hockey himself, so this was a big deal to us. We walked around and took pictures of EVERYTHING. We were like little kids in a candy store. Our last stop was upstairs. Where The Stanley Cup was displayed. Jerry kept walking away from me but I figured he just wanted to look at all the other throphys. Finally we had our chance to take a picture with the cup. I asked the usher if he would be kind enough to take our photo. As we were posing I saw the usher give Jerry a confused stare. As I looked over wondering what was going on I see Jerry getting down on his knee in front of me. The rest is history! I couldn’t contain my emotions. I began crying and of course said “YES!” I couldn’t picture any other place to be asked that question every girl dreams of. It was simply perfect. The rest of our vacation was amazing.


I can’t wait to spend forever with my better half.