Nicole and Jeff

How we met: We met in our Business Law class at University. Jeff was really shy about asking her out so he did it via Facebook. That was about 6 years ago now.

Image 1 of Nicole and Jeff

how they asked: We were on a holiday to London and were walking along the southbank which was stunning. Suddenly a random person came up to me and handed me a present. I was shocked – why was I getting given a present? When I opened it is was cupcakes with London Icons on the front – I just thought it must be some kind of promotion.

But then another person handed me a present – this time it was a drawing of our home, and then another present – a card with the facebook message Jeff had used to ask me out all those years ago. It was very strange….

Image 2 of Nicole and Jeff

As we walked I was handed more and more presents until we got in front of the House of Parliament and this time it was Jeff’s turn to be handed a present.

Image 3 of Nicole and Jeff

He unwrapped it and told me to stand back. Then he held up some boards! As I read I realised he was reenacting a scene from my favorite Film Love Actually!

But the final board was different….it said “Will you Marry me?”

After I said YES I asked Jeff how he had arranged it all. Apparently he had got help from some proposal planners based in London called The Proposers.Image 7 of Nicole and Jeff Image 8 of Nicole and JeffImage 9 of Nicole and Jeff

Image 4 of Nicole and Jeff

Image 5 of Nicole and Jeff Image 10 of Nicole and Jeff

Image 6 of Nicole and Jeff

Planning by The Proposers