Nicole and Jay

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How We Met

Jay and I met a few years after graduating from the same university. We never knew each other at school, but luck and fate brought us together when we ended up living in the same neighborhood upon graduating. Mutual friends would throw parties and we always ended up seeing each other at these gatherings. We were always drawn to one another, and shared many laughs and genuine conversations. I don’t know if I’ve ever told Jay, but to this day, I can recall feeling like we were the only two people in the room whenever we spent time together at the parties. He was always so attentive and made me feel so special. We are both shy when it comes to relationships, so it wasn’t until New Year’s Eve and after two years of friendship, that he made the courageous move. At midnight, he asked for a kiss and that was the beginning of a friendship that evolved into a true love story.

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After our first kiss shared at midnight at the start of a New Year, Jay and I went on to spend 6 more New Year’s celebrations together. This past New Year, our sixth together, we were both struck with the worst flu. It was miserable, but we thought if we were suffering together, at least we were together. Little did I know, Jay had planned to propose on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss. Unfortunately, we had to cancel dinner plans with friends and he decided to cancel the proposal for that night. For two weeks, while we were recovering, he kept the ring in a secret spot in our home. I had no clue. Two weeks later, Friday night came around and he took me out for date night. We were finally out on a date in public feeling healthy again. I told him that after dinner we should go home and watch a movie and have wine before bed. He agreed and we went back to our apartment. He opened the door and to my utter surprise were our friends shouting, “Surprise! Happy New Year!” I was beyond words and beyond surprised!

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I was so excited that our friends took the time to come out and celebrate another “New Year’s” with us. Since we couldn’t have a proper celebration, Jay wanted me to experience ringing in 2017 in proper fashion. I honestly thought the New Year’s Eve party was the only surprise that night. Following the first hour, Jay and his buddies, who are all musically talented, brought out their instruments and started playing a song that Jay and I absolutely cherish together. After the first note, I knew exactly what song it was and Jay started singing to me with all our friends in the background. Again, it felt like time stood still and Jay and I were the only two in the room. Following a few great verses, Jay handed his guitar to a friend, walked towards me, and got down on one knee to propose. Tears welled up and we were so excited to be in that moment. We were together, on “New Year’s” once again, this time promising to spend every following New Year’s celebration with me until the end of time.