Nicole and Jason

How We Met

Now that the wedding invitations are off to print I feel like I can actually sit down and write the story of how Jay and I met. It really was fate that brought us together on that night in a club in Las Vegas. Every local in Vegas knows you don’t go out to the club looking for love but that’s exactly what we found that night.

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I first saw Jason when walking to the bathroom in Moon nightclub at the Palms Casino (which is no longer there, showing you how long it took Jason to pop the question.) I whispered to my friend Jei, “the guy at the bar in the beanie is really cute.” We made our way back to the table to join friends when we noticed the cute guy from the bar had joined a group of mutual friends we were therewith. Jei, standing on the booth behind us leaned in, tapped us both on the shoulder and as we turned toward each other she said: “I think you two should meet.” Jason, looking delighted lead me to the outdoor patio sitting 48 stories above the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Little did I know this is where the next seven years and the rest of my life would begin.

After, not feeling well for the next few weeks, Jason had continued to ask me to come over or go out so I finally caved and said I still had a cold but would come over for a movie night. Jason surprised me showing that romance isn’t dead and had gone to Walgreens to prepare for my arrival. He bought me a thermometer, cold medicine, soup, Gatorade and rented Ted. This was such a testimony to how loving, romantic, kind and caring he is and has always been to me. We got to know each other over the next several months and decided to move in together. Jason has such a romantic soul and didn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops for our engagement five years later.

Nicole and Jason's Engagement in New York City

How They Asked

Every year we spend his birthday in June in Upstate New York. I always make sure our trip starts in New York City so I can go sightseeing before making our way up north. We discussed getting engaged and I had suggested a deserted beach in the Caribbean with just us and a photographer so I was not expecting what came next! Jason had rented a private yacht that picked us up in Manhattan and took us around the Hudson Bay, to the Statue of Liberty and along the New York City skyline.

On the way back from our dinner on the Hudson Jason took my hand and pulled me out to the bow of the boat. As he got down on one knee he told me that I made him the happiest person in the world and asked if I would continue to make him this happy for the rest of his life. He pulled out the most beautiful Neil Lane diamond ring and the rest is history. To this day he is stunned that he didn’t drop the engagement ring in the ocean and the best part is that I get to watch this magical moment on repeat anytime I want since Jason had the most wonderful videographer there to capture the entire moment. I love Jason so much and would say yes a million times over.

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