Nicole and Jarrod

How We Met

Jarrod and I met in third grade. We were in the same class at Janssen Elementary School. He was the first boy I ever had a crush on – I guess I had a thing for big cheeks and bowl-cut haircuts. I was the first girl Jarrod ever had a crush on – I guess he had a thing for crooked teeth and permed hair.

We loved each other from afar for years. We ended up going to middle school and high school together and almost dated a few times (but never did because I was too scared to have a boyfriend). It took us until our sophomore year of college to realize that everything we ever needed was in front of us the whole time. We started dating March 15th, 2013.

how they asked

Jarrod brought me back to Janssen Elementary School, where we first met back in third grade, to play on the playground. (We’re kids at heart, so I didn’t question Jarrod when he asked me to go play on the playground with him).

We spent some time on the seesaw and the slides before we made our way over to the swings. Jarrod got down on one knee and asked me to marry him while I sat on the swing in disbelief.


My first reaction was to begin crying uncontrollably, asking him “is this for real?!”


Our love story was 15 years in the making…of course I said yes!! It was always him.


My first crush, and one of my best friends growing up – and now I’m lucky enough to call this sweet man my fiancé!