Nicole and James and their Super Sweet Airport Proposal

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how we met

Nicole – Our story began, quite appropriately, with a wedding in Zimbabwe. My dearest ​high school best ​friend Candice had finally decided to tie the knot and as soon as she told me the day that she got engaged, I promised that I would make my way from Colorado back to Africa for her wedding. Fast forward to December 2012; I found myself in South Africa, ready to take a two day road trip through Botswana to Zimbabwe for her wedding with her fiance’, Clyde, and three other boys…. And that was the day I met James. Of course we hit it off immediately as I tried to hold my own in a car with all those boys and it didn’t take long for all of our quirky commonalities to come out. the chemistry was instant and throughout the trip, and following week preceding the wedding, we flirted, and had the most incredible fun. We fell in love, and mercilessly bothered our closest friends to decipher whether or not our feelings were mutual. It was undeniable, and when I got on a plane after the best week of my life so far at that moment, and he promised me that he would come to visit me in Colorado, I knew that he would, and that he was my person…the rest is history.

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how they asked

Nicole – James and I began our ride towards our big day long before our actual proposal. With our incredible beginning and story of meeting, this next phase was the most difficult and stretching and has taught us so much about the nature of love and waiting and faith. The summer of 2013, James came to Colorado for a visit, he asked my dad permission to marry me the first day he met him. A full year and a half after I said goodbye to him at the Denver airport after his summer visit, I finally saw him again at the Boston airport, over what was honestly the longest wait of our lives.

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His flight from England and mine from Denver had us arriving within minutes of each other and as we finally reunited, he was in a suit and down on one knee. The wait was over, and we promised to marry each other in front of a cheering crowd at an airport, so symbolic of the different airports we had been to together to say hello and goodbye. It was the most wonderfully indescribable day.

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James – I had been preparing to propose to Nicole for a long time before it actually happened. I had been given a family diamond, which had belonged to my gran, and had designed a custom ring for Nicole with the thought of antique and classic in mind, as that is her taste. It was in late 2013 that I had the ring with me and had to keep it safe with me all through 2014! After a long wait, and many changes in plans of which country we would both end up living in. I made the official trip to move over to America to be with my love. Since I no longer had home ground advantage I was very nervous about how I was going to pop the question. After some thought and deliberation, I decided to use the advice my dad often gave me in these situations: keep it simple! I decided that I could not hold off from asking her the minute I stepped off the plane, not having seen her in over a year. The airport is such a integral part of our story, not only had airports held a lot of our past, but we hoped they would hold much of our future as well as we long to travel the world together.

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So, with my heart pounding I changed into my suit in the bathroom at airport in Boston Airport, making sure to take the time to look the part; so that this was a special and significant moment! After a small pep talk in the mirror I walked out into the terminal to await my Coles (my nickname for Nicole). Just seeing her was the best moment for me from that entire year! The most amazing feeling was to feel her run full force into me for a hug after such a long wait. For the longest time we hugged, and cried, and just had the best hello ever! She was so giddy with the excitement of seeing me, she barely noticed I was in a suit.

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In keeping with my dad’s advice I kept my speech short and let it come from the heart. I dropped down to one knee; she said yes and we got a round of applause from standers-by in the terminal. A moment I will never forget and one I will cherish forever!

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