Nicole and Jake

How We Met

Jake and I might at Temple University at his apartment. I was visiting my cousin Jim who just so happened to be heading to Jakes to hangout before a party. Once we got there I met Jake and started a conversation with him. All night it was clear I was into him and eventually he showed that he was into me, and now the rest is history.

How They Asked

Jake planned out the perfect proposal and night. All thought all summer I felt it was gonna happen soon when the weekend came around I was surprised. Leading up to it Jake and I spent the day at a tailgate with both our families for Temple’s Football team. We had a great day with what I thought was just gonna be a calm night. On our way back from the game we picked up food. Jake even took the longer way home which I was giving him some crap for. But as we went inside he dropped down on one knee and asked me. At first I was shocked enough I said “no way” but quickly followed it up with “YES!” Then I realize his parents whole house was decorated and our closest family and friends were there to celebrate with us. It was total Bliss.


Special Thanks

Tom Russo Photography
 | Photography