Nicole and Jake

How We Met

We met back in college at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Jake worked as a hasher at my sorority house, our house was known for having the cutest hashers. One day after a tailgate, my roommate told me Jake had a crush on me. His roommate had also been helping orchestrate study dates as we were in the same physics class and would bring Jake along. A little while later we end up on the same team for Hasher Olympics, basically beer Olympics. No idea who won but I do know that since that day we have been inseparable. It has almost 6 and a half years since then and he still does all my dishes.

How They Asked

Jake and I were visiting Zermatt, Switzerland on a ski trip. We have actually been here before about 4 years ago and always wanted to come back in the winter. In between days snowboarding our plan was to go sledding. Jake made us breakfast at our Airbnb, which had an amazing view of the Matterhorn, and then we took the train ride up to the other side of the mountain.

The train ride was beautiful with so many views of the town. Jake suggested we get off on the first stop to check out the restaurant I had been wanting to visit, even though it wasn’t open yet. As we were walking through the ski runs I started to get a little suspicious that he might be up to something. There was no one on the mountain except the skiers we were dodging as we walked up to a small Church along a walking trail. As we were taking in the view he gave me a hug and said, “I love you.” We were holding hands when I felt him start to bend down, I gave him one last squeeze realizing what was about to happen.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Zermatt, Switzerland

Jake said “The past 6 years have amazing, and since we met I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you”..I heard someone running up behind us and looked over my shoulder to see a photographer coming out of nowhere to capture the moment. That was when it really hit me that Jake was proposing! He continued to give a speech that melted my heart and of course, I said yes!!

Afterward, we took some pictures with the biggest smiles on our faces, ended up going sledding which was so much fun, and then had fondue and champagne at the restaurant celebrating his amazing proposal. I found out later that we were supposed to be on the 10 am-train and not the 9 am-train and that the photographer had almost missed us and that he had called my Dad for permission. It was truly the most magical day of my life. We have been quarantined together since we got back, guess he is stuck with me!

Special Thanks

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