Nicole and Jaime

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How We Met

It was March 30th, 2012. Yes, I know the exact day because it holds a place in my heart. I was at my best friend Alyssa’s house and we were releasing balloons for our friend Lindsay who had been in heaven for one year at this point. Alyssa’s birthday was coming up just a week later and she was planning to have a birthday party with our close group of friends. I told her I would only come if she invited a cute boy for me (obviously, I was kidding) We went through our Facebook friends and I decided on Jaime. Please note that I literally knew nothing about him at this point (how lucky did I get).

We met that same night and spent every day together for the next week straight and were “official” 9 short days later. It truly was and still is a fairy-tale.

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how they asked

Jaime and I live an active lifestyle so we decided to book a spontaneous trip to Colorado. We planned to hike and camp in the Rocky Mountains for an extended weekend. At this point, Jaime and I had been together for just over three years…. And I may have been hinting hard that I was ready for the next step. The day of our trip arrived and we had an early flight to catch. We got dropped off at the Milwaukee Airport at 5am and this is when it all started. Jaime took our luggage to go and sit down and I went over to Starbucks to grab us breakfast. Jaime had a family friend meet him at the airport to take pictures (what a sweetheart). After I came over and we shared some of our strawberry banana smoothie, I could sense his anxiousness. He got down on one knee and said,

“You know what’s really exciting about being at the airport? Anytime you’re here it means you are about to begin a new adventure. And that’s what we’re going to do.

Nicole Ariel McConkey, will you marry me?”

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It was all a blur. After I said yes, I had to ask him to repeat what he just said to me. I was filled with so much love and excitement in that moment! We boarded the plane and the next 4 days were spent just the two of us, it was perfect. I can’t wait to marry him in just a few days on January 7th in Cancun, Mexico!

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