Nicole and Jacob

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How We Met

Jacob and I met freshman year of college at The University of Iowa. We lived on the same floor in our dorm and didn’t speak much first semester. At first he thought I was just the loud blond from down the hall and I thought he was just the cute, shy guy from down the hall. Second semester, we developed a fast friendship that turned into us dating, largely in credit to our mutual friend. We fell in love fast and hard, and the rest was truly history. After graduation, we moved to Chicago together where we lived for two years. Now we get to move to Denver not as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as fiancés!

how they asked

After over five years of dating, I was thrilled to have Jacob come along on my family vacation. My family has been coming to Brigantine, New Jersey for decades and I was so excited to show Jacob a place so near and dear to my heart. He had the ring on him for two months and once we arrived in NJ, he knew it would be the perfect place. At sunset, we went outside to take photos on the deck. Next thing I knew, I saw him pull something sparkly out of his pocket and was down on one knee. I started both crying and laughing hysterically, because as I looked down at him and out at the ocean, I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was all so perfect and meant so much to have my family there.

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