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How We Met

Stanford University is a place that honors many fun traditions, but my favorite will always be “Full Moon on the Quad.” Originally, it was said that a freshman girl was not initiated into Stanford until a senior boy gave her a rose and a peck on the cheek at midnight on the Quad* under the first full moon of the year. Over time, the event became a more inclusive (all years were encouraged to participate), and perhaps a bit more raunchy. However, in my memory, it remains one of the most perfect and romantic evenings in my life. In running into Jack Brody on the way down to the quad around 10 PM on Thursday, October 13, 2011, I had unknowingly met my fiancé and life partner. After two hours of uniquely exciting and deep conversation, we sealed the deal with a kiss at midnight and never looked back.

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Fast forward through exactly six years of unmatched fun, mutual support, and determined loyalty, and I had begun to get antsy. A combined excitement for our next chapter, paired with some friendly ribbing from friends and family had begun to incite some impatience, but when I inquired about our future, the answer was always the same: “Trust me.” So, not un-begrudgingly, I did. The months ticked by from then until I had virtually forgotten my sense of impatience and had settled back into our love-filled routine and life (with our beautiful house and perfect kitten, Kaya!). A trip to the bay was planned for the two of us, where I would attend a bridal shower in the bay for Jack’s sister, Allie, and my mind was so wrapped up in her big day that I barely spared a thought to my own future. Her shower was a perfect display of love, delicious food, and various shades of pink, and I couldn’t have been happier for the bride-to-be.

After the emotional excitement of the shower, I settled back into an afternoon of hanging out with the Brody family, who live not ten minutes from the Stanford campus. As a previous national champion at Stanford (tennis), I was expected on campus at 4:30 PM for a photo shoot on The Farm. Warily, I borrowed some fun clothes from Allie and headed to campus with Jack, who had coordinated the shoot with one of his buddies in the Athletic Department. When I arrived, two photographers greeted us at the entrance to the Quad and explained the purpose of the day’s shoot while Jack excused himself to the restroom.

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I know this sounds ridiculously cheesy, but I swear it was the most perfect day I’ve ever seen at Stanford—and Stanford has a lot of pretty perfect days! The pre-sunset lighting was nothing short of mesmerizing, and MemChu* was luminous in the glow of the setting sun. I remarked to the photographers no less than five times about the beauty surrounding us on our way in and regaled the story of how Jack and I had had our first kiss there six years prior. Still completely oblivious, I was seated just in front of MemChu at a table with a white cloth, and prompted by the photographers to watch a video that they’d prepared to orient me to the purpose of their project.

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After pressing play, the rest of my day became a massive blur. The orientation video turned out to be a video that Jack had compiled. Over the previous TWO YEARS and from various places in the world, Jack told the story of our love via Love Actually-esque signs. Tears were immediate, and by the time the final clip showed him walking into the Quad behind me with a sign that said “Now, turn around,” I had no chance of pulling myself together. We met in the center of the square and held hands as he gave me his sales pitch for marriage, but I was already sold. When he got down on one knee, and asked: “Will you marry me?” I could barely squeak out a “yeah.” The most perfect moment of my life, thankfully captured on film, was well worth the wait. I love you, Jack. 02.10.2018

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