Nicole and Gregg

Nicole's Proposal in Charlotte, NC in our bedroom

How We Met

It was Christmas eve, eve (almost 6 years ago) and I just happened to be lucky enough to be home for the Holidays. I was a flight attendant at the time so it was hard to land a schedule where I was actually able to be home instead of working. We didn’t have much going on that night and a friend of mine who lived really close by actually called to see if I wanted to come out for a few drinks. The place was close by, so I decided I would join them at least for a little while! She had actually called me while I was on my way and informed me that it would be her, her boyfriend at the time, and one other friend of theirs (Gregg) who happened to be in town and wanted to hang out. Little did I know at the time that this was an attempt at a set-up.

When I got there it didn’t seem much like a set-up, as the guys sat inside at the bar for a while and us girls were outside chatting and catching up. I think Gregg was just a little shy and needed some liquid courage because after a little while had passed they both made their way outside and joined us. Gregg and I started talking and getting along pretty well. We all migrated to another bar and as the night progressed we got friendlier and friendlier. Our two friends that we were there with had decided to leave and I volunteered to drop Gregg back off at their house where he was staying the night. When the night ended and I dropped him off at their house, we had our first kiss.

We exchanged numbers that night and by the next day we were already texting each other back and forth. It seemed almost perfect… He was living in Charleston, SC at the time and I was living in Charlotte and at the time I was on reserve which means they sent me wherever there was a need and I ended up in Charleston all the time typically. Just when it seemed like things were lining up, our flights to Charleston were cut down and I wasn’t sent there for work for a while. We continued to talk for a few months but eventually we fizzled apart as we just couldn’t seem to find time to see each other.

Fast forward to a little over a year later… I was talking to that same friend over lunch and a few drinks. In conversations about my love life, she mentioned that she wanted to try and set me up with someone. I told her “I don’t do set-ups, they never work out”. This is when I finallllyyyy found out that Gregg and I meeting was initially a set-up. She mentioned “well it worked well then” and I said “yeah except the whole living in Charleston thing…”. She goes “oh yeah, he moved back to Charlotte, you should reach out to him”. I told her that I would NOT reach out to him our of nowhere and say “Hey, remember me!?” I just wasn’t going to be that person… Well, a bottle of wine later, guess what I did…

Sure enough, he did indeed remember me and we went on our first date the following weekend… the rest is history………

how they asked

Our proposal story actually starts a few months before our actual proposal…

This is the year that I turn 30… the BIG 30 and on June 30th, which makes this my golden birthday. I had this GRAND plan to go to Nashville, TN with some of my closest friends for the weekend. We were going to drink and celebrate and listen to some really good live music. I didn’t know this at the time but this was also supposed to be my big proposal weekend… Gregg was in the planning stages. Then on March 27th, our whole plan, and lives, changed drastically…

On the evening of March 26th around 6pm, I began not feeling quite right. My stomach just wasn’t feeling great. I credited it to the Taco Bell that we had on our way home from our weekend getaway in Charleston, SC. We were there for a mini vacation and to kind of celebrate 4 years together. We were at Hawthornes (where we met) and we were getting pizza when the pain started. We headed home to relax a bit before bed. The pain continued to get worse throughout the night… Around 4 am I decided that the pain was just too awful and I had to go to the ER. Gregg offered to drive me but I told him I would be fine since he had to be up and leaving for work in an hour. I didn’t think it was anything too serious, so I told him to have his phone handy but I would be fine to go alone.

After a short visit to the ER, I was informed that I was measuring at 37 weeks and 6 days PREGNANT and would be having a baby “TODAY”. You can imagine my complete and utter shock, considering I had no symptoms, a normal cycle, wasn’t showing at all, and had virtually no weight gain… Gregg was there in an instant and about 7 hours after finding out we were pregnant, Rosalie was here. A happy, healthy and beautiful baby girl!

Needless to say, my 30th birthday plans were changing and I was no longer traveling to Nashville and leaving my brand new baby at home. Gregg had to re-group and come up with a new plan!

About a month after Rosalie’s arrival, my dad being my dad decided to ask Gregg what his intentions were with me now that we had our baby. It was then that Gregg spilled the beans on the original plans of his proposal and that he had to come up with something new. I think it was then that my dad mentioned that mothers’ day was around the corner and he may be able to come up with something sweet by then…

Believe it or not, the story gets even more sentimental… My grandmother was 99 years old. We were so blessed to have her in our lives for as long as we did. She was able to meet Rosalie once but shortly after that, on May 2nd, she passed. One time when I was sitting with her in her room and she was going through old jewelry, she came across her engagement ring, at that moment she looked up at me and said “not yet” and closed the box and put it away. My mom was with me at the time and she mentioned to my father that she thought my grandmother would love it if I had her ring. My mom knew that I would love it as well. Sure enough my dad offered it to Gregg and Gregg was ecstatic as he knew how much my grandmother meant to me.

Mothers day started pretty normally, we went to church with my whole family, followed by brunch. After brunch I made the suggestion to Gregg that we should go to a couple of breweries in the area since we were in the south end of town where there are a bunch. He said that he wanted to head more towards home, and suggested one that was closer to home. At the time I thought that was a little strange as he is usually pretty “go with the flow” so I was surprised that he was determined to be close to home. So we headed that way and went to a brewery that was about 5 minutes from our house. After a few drinks there he suggested that we go home and relax before dinner… Again, strange for him but I went along with it.

Once we got home, Gregg says “she needs a diaper change, I will go change it and get her dressed”. He started taking her towards the bedroom and I immediately followed. My sister had bought her a little onesie that said “It’s my mommy’s first mother’s day” and that’s what I wanted her to wear, so I followed him in there to grab it. I grabbed it out of the drawer and handed it to him and said that that’s what I wanted her to wear. He took it and walked over to the other side of our bed where her changing table was. I quickly changed myself, and walked over towards the changing table to sit on the bed behind them. Once I sit down I hear him huffing and puffing and making sounds. At this point Rosalie was still very fragile and every once in a while (depending on how small the onesie was around the neck) he would have trouble putting them on her because he was worried about hurting her. So I said “do you need me to do it?” and he said “yeah, you put this onesie on her”. The onesie that I had for her had a lot of bright pink on it, so it was very noticeable when I stood up and glanced that it wasn’t the right one…I started to say “That’s not the onesie I…” Then I realized what the onesie said…”Will you marry my daddy?”. I looked over and there Gregg was on one knee with my grandmothers ring. He was tearing up and I started to cry… and of course, I said “YES!!”. It was such a special moment!

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