Nicole and Gregg

How We Met

As I had recently graduated from college, I reconnected with a few older, sorority sisters in Cleveland who had introduced me to their group of friends. As fall turned quickly turned into winter, I had started to hang out with my new friends more and more. One December night in 2014, my sorority sisters were hosting a Christmas party that I will always hold dear to my heart. That night, I met Gregg. The infamous, sweetheart I always seemed to miss, came into my life. Ironically, Gregg and I both went to Miami University but never seemed to have crossed paths until that night. We joke that we passed each other countless times on Miami’s campus but are convinced the timing was never right until we officially met in Cleveland. Over the next few months, we had formed a great friendship. Gregg was traveling frequently for work and would be gone weeks at a time. When I knew he was back home, I’d never miss an opportunity to hang out with him.

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On a Thursday afternoon, my cute, friend Gregg sent me a message while I was at work. We just spent a fun weekend together with our friends and my crush on him was starting to grow immensely. He had asked if I had plans for the following weekend and my quick response was, “Sunday brunch for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. What’s up?” My heart was racing, as I shared my nervousness with a coworker.

“When was the last time you went on an adventure?,” Gregg replied, with a link to a flight to Las Vegas. I knew he was heading to Nevada for work on Sunday but never imagined, I would be joining him at the end of the conference. The idea sounded crazy but for whatever reason, my heart was saying, “go, go, go!” I gave myself some time to think over this insane “adventure”. After discussing, Gregg’s question with many friends and lastly with my parents, my airline ticket was waiting for me in my inbox by Sunday.

The weekend before our crazy, first date, I had plans to revisit Miami with friends and would not see Gregg until I landed in Las Vegas the following Thursday night. As I sat at the gate, I called my best friend to reassure me this was going to be amazing. Almost 2,000 miles later, my heart was beating out of my chest as the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac at LAS.

Shortly after, I arrived at our hotel where Gregg was finishing up his last meeting. I walked through the grand lobby and as I turned the corner, Gregg was standing there with open arms. A big hug and kiss from him made all of my nerves go away. It felt as if I had walked into a movie scene with the big casino lights flashing, people celebrating and my leading man holding my hand. As the elevators closed to drop my bags off, my life forever changed.

36 Las Vegas hours later, I was back on the airplane replaying each moment of our weekend with the biggest smile on my face. Since I had to be home by Saturday night for a very special brunch, I flew back without Gregg. His trip was booked for a full week and was returning the next day. Our whirlwind weekend was the perfect beginning of our love story.

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Since being together, Gregg and I have planned a beach vacation in March to escape Cleveland’s bitter winters. This year, we decided to switch things up from our usual trip to Naples, FL for the Bahamas. We love exploring the world together and were excited to add a new destination to the list. Little did I know, this beach vacation would not be like the others.

Two weeks before our trip, I made plans to spend the night with my sister in law and baby niece, while my brother was out of town. Gregg jumped to the opportunity to ask my parents to dinner that night since I was busy. My parents told me they had dinner plans with friends, while Gregg had a dinner meeting with colleagues. I didn’t think twice what they were actually doing.

My parents were seated to meet Gregg waiting with a stack of our photo albums, I have made each year we’ve been together. After 15 minutes of small talk, Gregg began to ask for my hand in marriage. As he began to talk about our relationship, he slid over the photo albums to not only express his love but to show our love. The photo albums were the perfect examples of our love story.

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Fast forward to our flight to Nassau, Gregg mentioned he was so excited for our new adventure. I assumed he was talking about visiting a new city together but he had bigger plans. The next day, Gregg asked if we could watch the sunset on the resort’s pier before dinner. Our dinner reservations were well past sunset but I went along with his plan. That whole day, Gregg was very nervous and couldn’t seem to relax. By 4:00, he was asking if we could leave the pool to get ready for the evening. With a reservation at 8:30, I didn’t seem to rush. As I took my time, Gregg was pacing the room and asked me to please hurry up.

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Our walk down to the pier was so romantic as twinkle lights lined the palm trees. I honestly felt like I walked into another movie set I played in my head but kept that to myself as Gregg wasn’t saying a word. Just before hitting the beach, Gregg stopped to tie his shoe but really was scouting out the hidden photographers. Halfway down the pier, Gregg pulled me in for a kiss. “Remember when I asked you to go on an adventure with me?” The rest was history.

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 | Photographer