Nicole and Ghanem

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How We Met

I was 13 years old when my friend and I found ourselves in an internet video chatroom. In the corner was his little camera screen. It took 3 seconds for me to know I had to overcome my shyness and talk to him so I did. I found out he lived across the Atlantic Ocean in Jordan and I lived here in Virginia. We talked for 5 years, day and night. We laughed, we fought, we watched movies together, we were practically inseparable except by an ocean. When I graduated high school, I was moving to Richmond, VA for college and at the same time he was looking for a graduate school in the U.S. As fate had it, a school in Norfolk accepted him and last minute transferred him to their Richmond campus. From then on, it felt like a dream come true. We rescued a cat, raised a puppy and soon found ourselves living together in Charleston, SC. I dropped every hint possible and even added him to my wedding Pinterest board.

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how they asked

One morning he said let’s go somewhere and I just knew. He made it seem like he just wanted to take nice pictures somewhere beautiful. So we get to Magnolia Plantation and he sets up our tripod in front of their historical bridge where he would propose. It didn’t end there! Afterwards he surprised me with a dinner cruise on the Charleston harbor, complete with champagne. It was the most romantic thing he’d ever done for me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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