Nicole and Gerard

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Netherlands

How We Met

Gerard and I met online, I am from Peru and he is from The Netherlands. I always say that the way how we met was just destiny. The day we met we both tried for the 1st time an app where you send a picture to random people around the world and you could answer or not. I sent a picture of my cat, and he answered something so simple as: ‘cute cat’ since then we kept talking every day, we shared pictures of each other, and of course, liked each other.

Nicole's Proposal in Netherlands

After nine months we decided to meet in person in Brazil, we were together for 5 weeks where we fell in love completely and realized we were made for each other. The day we had to say goodbye in the airport was the most difficult day for us in our relationship, we didn’t know when we would meet again. After 6 months I decided to go to visit him to The Netherlands and meet his family. We were together for 3 months until we had to say goodbye again. Our long distance relationship kept the same for another year when we decided I would move with him to start our life together. I moved to the NL in February 2018, we have 2 cats and a house where we had our happy beginning :)

How They Asked

I was already living 7 months in the Netherlands, we went on vacation to a beautiful island called Terschelling. It was our first day and Gerard told me he wanted to go to the beach and do a picnic. So we brought everything for our picnic. He took me to the highest part of the hill where we settled everything up.

It was sunset time, 20:00 pm, he asked me to get some food from our backpack and when I turned I saw him on one knee and asked in Spanish: ‘Quieres casarte conmigo?’ I just reacted saying: WHAT? YES! At that moment we knew EVERYTHING, the time without each other, the distance, EVERYTHING was worth it for this time our lives. And here we are: planning our wedding for 2020.