Nicole and George

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How We Met

I met George in high school homeroom. We were just friends who would speak in homeroom, after graduation it would be two years before we bumped into each other again. No, this is not the moment we fell in love. Two years later at a house party, George was so nervous to see me, he always had a crush on me, that he spilled a bottle of Jack Daniels all over me. Completely embarrassed he left thinking he blew his chance of ever being with me. Fast forward another two years, both of us were in nursing school to become registered nurses, I went to a school in St. Pete, FL, and George went to a school in Tampa, FL but we happened to bump into each other at the same exact clinical site. Each clinical we would talk and share the struggle of school, eventually exchanging numbers and disseminating different study ideas to one another. The conversations and common interest landed George a date. Finally, the first date…. didn’t go as planned. I was so overwhelmed with school and studying for board exams I completely disappeared from George’s life without a word. Fast Forward AGAIN this time only four months. I passed the NCLEX and was a new Registered Nurse. I had just landed a stellar job on the transplant unit at a nationally ranked hospital in Tampa, FL. Nervous to meet my preceptor for the first time and to also walk in the unit for the first time, I walk up to the nursing station to get direction. The first person I see to ask for assistance was George. I had NO IDEA he was in the middle of rotating on this unit I was now working on. Immediately my heart raced, in my mind doves were flying it felt meant to be! But not so fast, he wasn’t over me disappearing out of the blew. I tried to be friendly and speak to him and show him interest as best as I could. Finally, in November 2015, I invited him to my best friends Chris’s birthday party. We went together, during dinner we were so deep in conversation no one else at the table existed just me and him. Sparks were flying, the connection was so deep and then the first kiss. It was at this point we never left each others side, and the rest is history.

how they asked

George proposed to me at The Grand Canyon, I was completely taken by surprise. We went to Las Vegas for my 26th birthday trip. Both of our first times in Sin City. The next day after we arrived he rented a jeep and we headed out for a 4-hour road trip to Hopi Point the Grand Canyon, being Floridians driving in the dessert was fascinating and breathtaking alone. As we approached our destination, it suddenly starts pouring! I can tell George is upset but I didn’t understand why things like that don’t get to him. We arrive at the Grand Canyon and its not only still raining but freezing cold! Driving there from Nevada which was 104 degrees, we were definitely not prepared for the temperatures. We immediately go into a gift store buy ponchos, and cheesy Grand Canyon sweatshirts and embarked on the journey to get to Hopi Point.

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George seemed to have done extensive research on this part of the canyon, he was very eager and determined that we needed to go there. We get there, my hair is frizzy, eyeliner running down my face from the rain, shivering cold but as soon as we see the view all the goes away. Hopi Point has an amazing view that can only be justified in person 6,000 feet elevated, so high and breathtaking it is like you can reach up to heaven. George is taking pictures on his go pro and says he wants to do one together with the self-timer. He has me stand in front to get the frame right for the picture and comes next to me. Next thing you know he is on his knees asking me to marry him!! I just couldn’t believe what was happening and I immediately said YES!

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