Nicole and Gennaro

Nicole and Gennaro's Engagement in Iceland

How We Met

How They Asked

Gennaro & I dated when we were younger, wasn’t the right timing, but when we rekindled five years later no love was lost at all, he’s irrevocably my soulmate.

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How They Asked

We booked a trip to Iceland and of course on this one particularly beautiful warm weather day, all my acrylic nails had fallen or been ripped off from our adventures, I was cranky and couldn’t find an outfit for the life of me. We were going to the Svartifoss waterfall which was architecturally stunning and breathtaking. When we finally got to the waterfall there was a rainbow at the bottom and rocks were so big, you could stand on them, which according to my cousin and his wife whom joined us on this trip looked very “Game of Thrones” like so naturally I climbed up those rocks as if there was gold waiting for me. I posed with my arms wide feeling like the queen of Iceland, when I finally turn around to look down in absolute shock, to see the man I dreamt of marrying when I was 15 years old is on one knee with this blinding diamond ring. Immediately the world turned quiet, I broke out hysterically crying of unexplainable happiness and sealed my yes to being his wife until death do us part, with a kiss that made me melt into him. The rest was and continues to be history.

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