Photographer Nicole Klym Gets Engaged

You may remember Nicole Klym as the photographer behind the adorable story Dog Helps with Scavenger Hunt Proposal. We are so EXCITED that Nicole is now engaged and featuring her own story on HowTheyAsked. Congratulations to a wonderful photographer!

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (2)

How we met: Frank and I met sometime back in elementary school, likely in the first grade. We grew up together, had a lot of mutual friends, but never really hung out with one another with the exception of a couple times in high school. I like to say we initially fell in love in eighth grade, when we were assigned to sit next to each other during our middle school graduation. During our weeks of practicing in the school gym, he’d flirt with me all the time, but me being the shyest girl ever (at the time), it didn’t go anywhere with the exception of our first kiss two years later in 10th grade!

Fast forward to March of 2012… I was in my final semester of law school in New York City and came home for a weekend to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at the annual parade in Seaside Heights. At the end of the night, my friends and I ran into Frank at Jimbo’s Bar & Grill and we chatted for a few minutes. He told me he couldn’t wait for me to move back home, which I thought was strange since we hadn’t talked in years, with the exception of a few exchanges during games of Words With Friends. Within a week, he was reaching out to me through Facebook and on April 5, we went out on our first date!

how they asked:  As a photographer, it’s very rare for me to have a free day off on summer weekends. Little did I know, Frank was constantly peeking at my schedule to try to plan out the perfect day to pop the question. With his birthday on July 17th and one of his best friend’s on the 6th, they had made plans to go golfing together on Sunday, July 13th to celebrate. I had two tentative photography sessions scheduled that day, depending on the arrival of newborns, but otherwise left the day open. As it got closer, Frank’s friend’s wife (one of my best friends) asked me if I’d like to join her, her 6 year old son and her sister on a trip up the Barnegat Lighthouse while the guys were golfing. With the newborn sessions delayed, I had the entire day open and we made plans to head to Barnegat Light around 1:00.

I came prepared for the 217-step hike, wearing leggings and sneakers and with my camera in hand, thinking I had a relaxing day off ahead of me. We arrived at the lighthouse and made the exhausting climb up. When we reached the top, the three of them walked around the rim as I started taking pictures of the view.

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (13)

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (7)

I started to follow and to my surprise, I saw Frank! My first reaction was “what the hell are you doing here?!” but once the girls took out their cell phones, I knew exactly what was going on. He got down on one knee, said some sweet words, and asked me to marry him! In the moment, I was so in shock that I had no idea what he even said, so I later asked him to write down the script he nervously memorized so I can have it forever.

He said “Babe, I love you with all my heart. The past two plus years have been the happiest years of my life. I feel lucky every morning I wake up next to you, and I want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you. Nicole, will you marry me?”

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (1)

I was shaking with both shock and excitement for hours afterwards. Frank and I have a love for lighthouses and climb them on every trip we go on together, but we hadn’t yet climbed Old Barney. The fact that he totally surprised me up there made this the best lighthouse trip we’ll ever have together!

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (3)

After some of the shock wore off, we took the trip back down, snapped a few photos to document the big day (as I yelled at the girls for letting me leave the house looking the way I did!) and headed to Tucker’s at the other end of LBI for a great celebratory lunch.

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (5)

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (6)

We returned home to cake and champagne with our families, another little surprise to top it all off! It was such an amazing day I will never forget and I can’t wait to marry my childhood crush in 2016!

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (14)

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (4)

Proposal at Barnegat Lighthouse (12)

Photography by Nicole Klym and her friends