Nicole and Ernest's Disney World Proposal

How We Met

Ernie and I actually met through email. Old-fashioned, right? I was working as an Honors Student Advisor and Ernie was completing his Honors Project at Dominican University. We emailed back and forth in regards to his project, but he continually called me Professor Schultz. . . even though I was most certainly not a professor! It wasn’t until we met outside of his class one spring day that he realized I was in fact a student. We quickly became good friends and started dating just a few months later.

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how they asked

So this is where the story gets a little magical! While Ernie was away for a business trip in Boca Raton, he called me and asked if I would like to join him for a conference in Orlando next week. Or course, I was all for it! Orlando, especially Walt Disney World, is one of our favorite places to visit. In our almost three years of dating, we have gone to Disney World or Disneyland five times! Ernie kept insisting that although he would have to work, we would make sure to spend some time in the parks. Plus, it was only going to be for a few days and the boss gave me the okay at work.

So, Ernie arrives back home from his trip to Boca Raton on Sunday and we leave for Orlando that following Thursday. Quick turn around, right? We check into our hotel at Port Orleans, French Quarter and head to Disney Springs (Downtown Disney). Little did I know, there was already something happening right before my eyes.

Thinking that the trip was planned last minute and we didn’t have an fast-passes, we woke up early the next morning to head into Magic Kingdom. I kept insisting that we run straight to Space Mountain before the line got too long. Meanwhile Ernie is trying to get me to walk by the castle. In the end, my “efficient planning” won out and we went on Space Mountain.

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Although it doesn’t show, Ernie was extremely nervous about losing the ring on the ride. I on the other hand always forget where the camera is on Space Mountain.

After riding space mountain (my favorite ride), we head over to the castle and begin taking pictures. The Florida sun was just beginning to really heat up and was right in my eyes. So Ernie suggests that we take a few pictures by the Cinderella Wishing Well, which holds a dear place in our hearts. He says the secret phrase to the photographer, “I’m going to make this moment magical,” and we begin walking towards the well.

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The photographer follows us to the wishing well and just as we are making our wishes, Ernie pulls me aside as his hands were shaking. He looks into my eyes and tells me that from the moment we first visited the wishing well he knew he was going to propose to me in that very spot. Ernie drops down on one knee and presents the most beautiful sapphire engagement ring! I immediately begin to cry and exclaim yes all at the same time!

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There was so much hugging, kissing, shock, and disbelief all rolled up into one big happy emotion. It was as if all my wishes were coming true. The wonderful Disney photographer was there to capture the whole thing and I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am.

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Shortly after, Ernie began explaining how he planned the trip in July and that we DO in fact have Fast Passes! Ernie said he was so nervous to go on Space Mountain because he was worried about losing the ring. We continue to walk around the park and enjoy a few more rides, all the while I am still in a state of shock.

Then, just as we were exiting the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, my parents and Ernie’s parents surprised me around the corner! Unbeknownst to me, Ernie planned for both of our parents to arrive in Orlando just a few short hours after we did. In fact, they were walking around Disney Springs at the same time we were the night before! It was the most amazing, perfectly planned surprise ever.

Disney was the perfect backdrop to our engagement. All the cast members were so supportive and wished us well everywhere we went. Not to mention there were so many photo opportunities! All the Disney photographers had so much fun with us, but this had to be my favorite photo. I got the idea from a few things I saw on Pinterest, but hadn’t seen anyone do this exactly. Needless to say, it was a big hit!

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