Nicole and Eli

Image 1 of Nicole and Eli
In high school, I had a MAJOR crush on Eli, long before he even knew I existed. I somehow caught his attention, and after dating for a short time, we already knew we were going to get married as soon as we could. For 3.5 years, we’ve dated in a combination of living in the same town, and long-distance while I’m in college and studied abroad.

Recently, after starting to talk about getting married within the next year, Eli started asking me about ring shapes I like and bringing up the wedding more often. Little did I know, he’d already had a ring for two months and shown all of my friends without me knowing! On New Year’s Eve, a few of our close friends planned a hike with me. We are very adventurous, and love hiking, playing sports, and being outdoors, so this was completely normal. I helped our friends decide we should go to Abiqua Falls, a hike Eli and I had talked about doing for years; I didn’t realize that they had planted the idea in my mind to suggest, so I didn’t suspect that they were setting something up.

I absolutely LOVE waterfalls, and was thrilled to finally see it. I even asked if Eli and I could take a nice picture together once we got there. The moment we walked around the corner and Abiqua Falls first came in sight, I was floored by its beauty! Immediately, I said, “WOW! This would be a beautiful place for engagement photos!” My friends exchanged (secret) panicked looks, thinking I knew what was about to happen, but I was still clueless. After taking in the view, Eli probably shaking with nerves and I completely oblivious, we went to stand on a rock in front of the waterfall to take a nice picture. With five cameras pointed straight at us, I got a WAY better picture than the posed smiles I had imagined, when Eli got down on one knee! I was the most surprised and joyful I had ever been in my life, all at once!

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