Nicole and Durim

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How We Met

During my junior year of college, I studied abroad to Italy. There I met Durim. We met in the Piazza roaming the streets of Florence at night with our friends. Our groups started to hit it off while both of us just wanted to go and sleep haha. We instantly clicked and clung together that night annoyed by our friends! After that we spend every day together. He took me to all the secret hidden beautiful treasures of Florence by day and night, and revealed to me the BEST gelato place in all of Italy. Time was coming to and end, I needed more time. I extended my flight until the day I legally had to leave Europe! (Student Visa wasn’t valid if I wasn’t attending classes hehe) We leased an apartment together and I found a job to stay for a few more months together. Eventually I had to go back home and face the world and responsibility. But of course, I travelled back and fourth as much as possible until we decided to get engaged and married in the US. So we filed the paperwork and the rest was history!

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how they asked

The day we got married. Our story is like no other. I studied abroad my junior year of college in Florence, Italy. Little did I know on the adventure I would fall in love and find my husband! In his culture, proposals are not a typical traditon. Once your family meets the one girl you bring home, it means that is the woman you plan to marry. We never had a proposal, just agreed to get engaged and spend the rest of our lives together. He arrived in Boston and the wedding planning chaos began! The day we got married at City Hall, we first met each other in the Boston Commons one last time before we became husband & wife, then and there in front of my parents he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. He wanted me to experience our love in many ways with honoring all of our cultures & traditions until death do us part <3


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