Nicole and Doug

Nicole's Proposal in Disney World

How We Met

Doug and I met in 2004 at the start of ninth grade and we remained friends throughout all of high school. After high school, we drifted apart from going to different colleges and taking different career paths. We remained friends on social media and in 2016, after posting about a 10K race, Doug reached out on social media to congratulate me. We continued the conversation, talking about running mostly, and decided to exchange numbers. We continued to talk and hangout whenever we could, given our busy schedules for a few months, until we were out one night in the city drinking with our friends, we decided to become an official couple and haven’t looked back since.

How They Asked

You could say we are an extremely active couple. Whether it is running, biking, or hiking; we love anything that gets us out and moving. We have become each other’s best fitness partners and supporters. After completing multiple half marathons, I decided to sign up for the Disney Marathon. I am a gigantic Disney fan and this race has been on my bucket list. Although I am more of a runner than Doug, about a month after I signed up he decided to join me. He said if he was going to make the trip to Disney to watch and support, he might as well run with me. Little did I know, he had something more in mind. Fast forward through all the training and injuries that came along the way, we finished the race with huge smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes. It was an amazing race day with perfect weather, Disney characters, music, tutus, Mickey ears, and matching shirts. At the end of the race, with ice bags on our legs and medals around our necks, we met up with my family who came down to support us. I was talking to my sister and turned around to see Doug down on one (sore) knee with a small box in his hand. He said a lot of sweet things that I don’t even remember from being in complete shock, but there was one very special question that I will never forget. I said yes, and the rest is history!

Nicole and Doug's Engagement in Disney World

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