Nicole and David

How We Met

Dave and I met in July 2013. We were both working in the same office building in Hempstead, NY. I was working in the town marriage bureau and he was working in the public safety department as an officer. The first time I saw Dave was 2 months earlier outside in the parking lot of the building, but I was too afraid to approach him and he was intimidating in his uniform! I would see him from time to time, but never had the courage to go and talk to him. Finally, one day my coworker was so sick of me talking about him and it acting on it so she went out in the parking lot where he was posted that day and asked him what he was doing that weekend because “there is a beautiful blond girl in my office that won’t stop talking to you.” With that being said, Dave gave him her number to give to me. When she came back in and told me this I was so mad at her for doing that! Again, I was so scared to text him so I figured why don’t I just friend him on Facebook first. So later on that day after friending him, I had a message in my inbox and it was from him! I remember being so excited and freaking out while I was out with my friends. Unfortunately, he was leaving for 3 weeks the day after for military orders in Seattle. So for the next three weeks we texted, called, and FaceTimed each other all hours of the day and night. After he returned, he took me out on our first day to this beautiful restaurant in Bayshore called Nicky’s on the Bay. The date was perfect from the moment he picked me up to the second it ended. We went on a few more dates after that and on August 9th, 2013 we made it official! I was so happy and so excited to begin this new adventure with Dave. Unfortunately I was going back to school at James Madison University in Virginia so for 3 years we did long distance, but we made it work After graduating I was fortunate enough to get into an Audiology graduate school program back at home where we were able to be near each other again.

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how they asked

On Saturday July 28th, I went to Colorado for a hearing aid convention and had the the time of my learning about my field and being with all my friends. Since I was already out here, I convinced my family and Dave to meet me out in Colorado to go visit my aunt and uncle in Littleton. Since Colorado is one of our favorite states I knew that Dave would have no hesitation coming out there! Everyone arrived that following Thursday after many delays, car rental issues, etc. The next day we decided to go to the top of Pike’s Peak, a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado Springs, as early as possible to beat the rain that we knew was on its way! On the ride up there, Dave was on his phone the whole time and I was getting annoyed because we had all the beautiful views surrounding us and his eyes were plastered on his phone, which he is never really on! We made it up to the top and Dave said he wasn’t feeling well. He said he needed to go to the bathroom and throw water on his face. We were enjoying the views and taking everything in. Dave was gone for about 20 minutes and I started getting concerned. My uncle told me that he’d go check on him and said he would be out in a few minutes. My mom wanted to get a picture of my siblings and I from behind over looking the mountains and my uncle was trying to distract me from looking back by telling me there was a yellow belly marmot on the rock in front of us. Next thing I know, Dave is behind me and pulls me around. He grabs my hands and then I see his family standing next to mine on top of this mountain! Right then and there, I lost it and knew what Dave was about to do. I have never been so happy in my life. Between saying yes to the rest of my life with the love of my life and being surrounded by both our families, I have never felt so much love! I can’t express how grateful I am for this life and for all the hard work that went in to this moment from everyone especially Dave to make this day absolutely perfect!

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Nicole and David's Engagement in Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, CO

Nicole's Proposal in Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, CO

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, CO

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