Nicole and Dan

How We Met: We met those most insane way. One day I was driving and I took my phone out of my pocket and it was calling babeeee. I quickly hung up! I texted the number saying I’m really sorry I have no clue who this is and sent a picture. She said omg I met you last weekend at St. Pattys, you were such a fun time but I don’t know your name. From there we starting casually dating which led to the most amazing relationship and now an engagement.

how they asked: I was completely unexpectedly surprised. It was coming up on my 25th birthday where we scheduled a trip to Bahamas and the weekend prior we decided to have a chill weekend. Well that wasn’t the case.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Home

The second I walked into his house he was standing there and his entire family was recording and taking pictures and I was completely stunned while he nervously proposed, It was the most amazing moment I could have ever wished for!

Bride and Groom's Engagement in Home