Nicole and Dalton

how we met

Nicole and I have always known each other. We went to the same high school, we were both student-athletes, both our circles never really crossed paths in high school. I was a band kid and baseball player, Nicole was the beautiful cheerleader. I always found myself being drawn to her during football games. I have always been connected to Nicole’s family in small ways. Her Aunt was my Pre-k teacher, her Grandmother showed me that school can be magic, her Grandfather was like my baseball grandfather, and I played baseball with her cousin from tee-ball to high school. In December of 2017, Nicole made a social media post that she wanted to go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I reached out and offered to take her… she told me that she was busy. So life went on and I ended up dating a girl from church. In April of 2018, Nicole reached out to me and asked if I was still open for that date, which I had to tell her no because I was dating someone at the time. Life went on and in a few months, I found myself single. I reached out to Nicole again and we were finally able to connect and go on that date. We went to a local restaurant and we laughed and laughed, we cried tears of happiness, and we acted as if we had been friends for years and years!

how they asked

I went a few days before and asked her parents for their permission to marry Nicole and they were super excited. Nicole and I had talked about getting married and I asked her how her dream proposal would be So I knew that Nicole wanted something that was small, intimate, no pictures, no family. On February 18, 2019, we went to Newnan because she wanted to go shopping. I actually had the ring with me that entire time. on the way back, I wanted to go by our high school and propose there. Heard High is where we technically first met, and I wanted to have that special tie to our relationship But I knew that there was possible that the intimacy of the moment could be compromised. So I waited until we got home. We had just walked into the house and went into the room. When she came out, I gave her a big hug and kiss. I told her that I loved her, I would always love her, and that I needed her forever. I then got down and asked her to marry me. It was super intimate, there were no cameras, no family, just me and my future wife. We actually waited a few hours before we broke the news to our folks and posted it on social media.

Special Thanks

The Studio at Daisy Hill
 | Photography
Turnipseed Nursery Farms
 | Location
The Perfect Posey
 | Floral Designer
Down Town Gowns
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