Nicole and Curtis

How We Met: Curtis and I met in 8th grade at North Olmsted Middle school and Curtis likes to add in science class (I don’t remember science class specifically but hey! I’ll go with it).

Image 1 of Nicole and Curtis

My best friend Kristen and I would lie to our parents saying we were spending the night over our girlfriends house who actually lived down the street but much to their dismay, having a sleepover with 2 boys Curtis and his cousin Matt (our Best man). Nights of video games and watching movies turned into going to Prom together and eventually graduating from The Ohio State University in 2013.

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Go Bucks!

how they asked: Flash forward to October 2014….halloween day to be exact. Curtis and I planned our very first vacation with our first post grad incomes and decided to go on a cruise to the caribbean. We arrived to our port destination on Friday, October 31 to spend the evening in beautiful Miami before our cruise the next day.

We arrived to the very fancy Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne, greeted with champagne on a silver platter, the whole shabang. It was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. Curtis kept repeating himself to be ready by 6pm sharp for our dinner reservation he had made for the hotel restaurant. “Wear your nicest dress” In my head I was thinking…I don’t have many “nice” dresses, I’m going to wear my “Miami dress!”

Finally arriving at the restaurant, we had an outside reservation. We walked past all the outside tables and starting to walk in the grass. I remember the hostess apologizing to me as I walked in through it with my wedges. A few seconds later, we turn and there was a single private table over looking the beach. “This is for us? You planned this?” Curtis’ reply was “yes, happy anniversary!”

Image 3 of Nicole and Curtis

So I had still no idea at this point since our dating anniversary was couple weeks ago and I thought this was just one amazing anniversary dinner. After a glass of champagne, Curtis had a little speech and all I remember from then on was OMG OMG OMG. There was my high school sweetheart fumbling over his words and coat pocket for the most beautiful ring.

I was in complete shock and so surprised. It was perfect.

To top it off, he had a hidden photographer capture the perfect moment.

Photographer: The Photography Concierge