Nicole and Craig

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How We Met

I first saw Nicole at a Hospital, she was a Nurse and I was an EMT. I was picking up one of here patients and I thought she was so beautiful and kind. I left and didn’t think anything of it. That following Sunday I noticed she was sitting 5 rows behind me at Church. I had no idea we went to the same church. After church ended I went back and introduced myself briefly. That following Monday I went to work and told my dispatchers, at Trimet ambulance, that a beautiful girl worked at Viginia Mason Hospital on the 9th floor and I wanted every call that came out of that hospital so I could get back to meet this gal. It took them two weeks to get me the call but I finally made it back, found Nicole, chatted with her for a bit and told her I’d see her at church on Sunday. That Sunday I took her out to coffee afterward and finally asked for her number. That following week I took her out on our first date, we went kayaking in Lake union through the Montlake Cut just south of the University of Washington to the Seattle arboretum. Three months later I asked her to marry me.

how they asked

I took Nicole out for one last trip to the Seattle arboretum via boat before winter came. This time instead of two kayaks we rented a row boat from the University of Washington. We headed over to the arboretum just noon that day. She didn’t know it but all our closest friends and family were there waiting.

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We rowed into an empty cove that had an old overpass hanging over it that wasn’t used anymore.

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Right below that overpass was a floating rubber ducky. I rowed over to the rubber ducky to see what it was and grabbed it.

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Attached to the rubber ducky was a rope that I started pulling on. Right at that moment, on the overpass above us, my good friend Kurt and Nicole’s brother Ryan started throwing 2 dozen rose petals over the edge. Nicole at that point was being showered in rose petals and looked up.

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Right, when she looked up a scuba diver emerged from the water with a pelican case that had her ring in it.

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She looked down and saw what had happened and I dropped to a knee in the boat to propose. She said yes! All our friends and family that were in the bushes cheered!

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During this whole time, there is one other boat in the water around us that is filled with her other brother and my two cousins. This whole time they’re playing Nat King Cole “when I fall in love”, as well one of my cousins, Ryan, is taking photos. Then my buddy on the overpass, Kurt, throws a rope over and repels down into the boat with champagne and flowers. He then rowed us around, over to our family then back to UW. Afterwards we went out to dinner downtown with all our closest friends and family.

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