Nicole and Cory

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How We Met

Cory and I had a chance meeting in Las Vegas almost 3 years ago. We met online. He just flew out and I was just on the road heading home. We never actually met face to face. I was in from California and He was visiting from Minnesota. We figured with the distance there would be no way of making this work. Our text messaging lead to long phone conversations and a friendship bloomed. So we remained in contact as long distant friends. Sending pictures of the dates we had, discussing all the horrible first and only dates we went on. This went on for months. One day he said, I’m going down to vegas next weekend with a group of people can I fly you up? I was hesitant as I felt feelings had developed but was also realistic in knowing that pictures and a voice on the phone was much different in person. We went for it. I flew up, got off the plane and our love story began. He flew me out to Florida for a destination proposal where he asked me after 2 1/2 years to be his bride for the rest of his days. I said yes but proceeded to tell him all the reasons why he was the one and only.

how they asked

He look me down along side the water front. As we walked down the steps I was in awe of the hundreds upon hundreds of dragon flies. It was a sight to be seen. People were trying to capture them on camera. They flew with such grace. Their iridescent bodies glistening in the sunlight. The sun was setting, dragon flies surrounding us. I later found out that dragon flies signify a path to new worlds. They are about transformation and change, In perspective, energy, potential, maturity, depth in character. They navigate with elegance and grace. The setting was perfect. Has beautiful meaning to us.

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