Nicole and Colin

How We Met

So I first laid eyes on Colin when I was a senior in high school. One day I saw him walking through the halls and thought he was SO CUTE. Eventually, we added each other on social media and we would always like each other posts! It wasn’t until he posted a picture of his pass to the caddy shack golf tournament ( which I had tickets to), that I got so excited because I figured we would run into each other and finally meet! I built up the courage to comment on his pic and he said we should meet up! Um, OKAY!! As the tournament was ending I was on my way out and all of a sudden someone grabbed my hand. I looked up and there he was *inserts heart eyes*. And it was all history after that moment!!

How They Asked

April 7th, 2019. This was the most magical day ever. I scheduled a photo shoot for Colin and me since we have never had professional pictures done together! Little did I know that this was no ordinary photoshoot. Colin had been planning to propose to me on the shoot all along!! About halfway through the shoot he stopped and looked at me.

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Nicole's Proposal in Jacksonville Florida

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He grabbed my hands and started talking to me softly. He kept telling me how special I am to him and our little fur baby. And that’s when I realized what was happening. He gave me “the look”. Then he got down on one knee as I started to lose it and he asked me to be his Mrs. Bourne!! This day will forever be the best day of my life!!

Special Thanks

Portraits by Paige
 | Photographer