Nicole and Coleton

how we met

Cole and Nikki were introduced to each other at a mutual friend’s college graduation party; Alee & Nikki had been best friends since kindergarten & Alee & Cole worked together as YMCA camp for 3 years as counselors.

how they asked

Well Cole and Nikki were going to Jekyll Island for the weekend to search for the glass treasures. They did this the year before but were unsuccessful but this year Nikki was more determined than ever and they also wanted to make it a fun weekend by bike riding around the island. Saturday February 23, 2019, Cole and Nikki biked 16 miles around the island in search of these glass balls. After not finding one from the bike ride, Cole asked Nikki to take a walk on the beach. While Nikki wasn’t paying attention Cole hid a ball of his own. Nikki found it and ran to it and inside was a poem that Cole wrote and at the end asked Nikki to turn around and Cole was on one knee on the beach. It was a complete surprise to Nikki.

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