Nicole and Clinton

We met while attending Chiropractic school at Life University in passing and through friends.  I remember that he was always dressed really nice as he was further along in the program and had to wear professional attire for classes and clinic. He certainly caught my eye from afar.  A year or so later, a mutual friend of ours was having a going away dinner and though I was super tired from a very busy day, I went.  He was very quiet during dinner so we only spoke a little although he was inquiring about me to our mutual friend via text.  In the end, we parted ways.  I extended the evening with my friend and he chose to go home.  He sent her a few more text as the night continued and the result was an exchange of numbers.  He called the next day and after a few conversations, we decided to meet at Shogun Restaurant for dinner.  It was a hibachi style restaurant that I had never been to so I thought it would be nice to try it together. We met for our first date and I recall sitting there comfortable and happy.  The food was amazing and the company was even better.  We happened to be seated with an older couple who’d been married for years and I remember how they commented on how we seemed so natural and in sync that they never would’ve imagined it was our first date.  One thing I won’t forget is the lady’s comment about us being the “one” for each other and how we would end up getting married.  Perfect strangers! Who knew?!  God did.  A perfect example of how He will sometimes place perfect strangers in your path to speak life into your situation even before you realize what’s happening.


I sing in ministry at my church, Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church.  As customary, on the Sundays in which I sing, I will come out and sit with Clinton at whichever service he attends that day.  That day, August 31, 2014, he chose the 1015 service.  I recall seeing him while ministering on stage in his usual seat. As the message started, I went into the sanctuary and sat next to him to worship together.  This particular day, he was in and out of the church a lot during service.  Though odd, I simply chalked it up to him handling something with his family.  As church was ending, we began to talk about the direction of our lives and how we could make things better.  Church ended and we continued to talk.  He asked me what time I had to be backstage to prepare for the next service.  I replied, about 1215.  We continued to talk and soon there after he told me it was almost 1215.  We got up to leave the sanctuary and he stopped me just shy of the door and preceded to remove the iPad and program from my hands.  He placed my items on the ledge and before it could register what was happening, he down on bended knee.  Shock set in right about there!  I looked at him for what seemed like hours and then after just a few moments…I saw the black box and I broke into a very hard cry.  I just remember hugging him and kissing him over and over.  He placed the ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed some more.  As I opened my eyes, I saw my Destiny Praise Team Family in the front of the sanctuary with all smiles!!  It was truly beautiful!  They rushed to congratulate us with hugs, love and well wishes, after which we rushed to go start service.  What better place to start preparation for a new life than in the house of the Lord.  It was indeed perfect!!!!  What made it even better was the blessing that one of the Elders wife started snapping candid photos with her phone when she realized what was happening!  It was simply, amazingly, and beautifully perfect and we are beyond excited to embark upon this new journey together.