Nicole and Christopher


How We Met

I knew Christopher since the time I was in 7th grade, and even spent a few nights at his house hanging out with his younger sister! We went to high school together as well, and started talking in our Chemistry class! Then, he graduated and I was left with one year of high school to go. (Which was sad because I had been crushing on him all year). Then, over the summer my friend thought it would be fun to prank call people, so long as I was the one talking! We tried to prank call Christopher, and the two of us ended up having a 25 minute conversation. We started talking, and decided to hang out! Our first date he brought Caine’s chicken over, we watched the proposal, and totally hit things off! That night, when I was saying bye on my front porch, we had our first kiss!

Everything took off from there! Three months in, I remember being in the weight room at school telling my closest friends that I loved this man, and that I knew I wanted to marry him one day! Well, one high school graduation, and 3 years of college later, we made that official!

how they asked

After dating for just over 4 years, on November 24th, 2015, Christopher planned a relaxed night in for the two of us. He came over to my house, (still my parents house) with Caine’s for dinner! We ate our dinner, then he put on the proposal (like our first date) and at the end of the night, when I was saying bye on my front porch, he got down on one knee and asked “this is where we had our first kiss, this is where we started datung, and now i want it to be where I make you my wife!”


And asked me to marry him! It was absolutely the best day of my life, and I am so excited for our spring wedding this April! ♡