Nicole and Christopher

Image 1 of Nicole and ChristopherHow we met: As the year started off in 2012, I was recently single and just moved into an apartment downtown by myself. I loved being independent and on my own, so by no means was I looking for a relationship, or to date anyone. Ironically, that would soon change.

Super bowl Sunday was on 2/5/12; I was kind of sick, and in no mood to go to a Super bowl party. To my dismay, I was swayed into going, despite not knowing anyone at the party (besides the person I was attending with). Upon our arrival, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. All the guys walked by and made sure to say hi or introduce themselves….except one, Chris. Chris was the only one who completely ignored me, and walked by so abruptly. However, I took one look at him, and knew I HAD to talk to him. So I moseyed my way downstairs, where he happened to be sitting near my stuff. My sarcastic personality was easily conveyed, as I tried flirting with him. Chris took to my demeanor and immediately threw it right back at me. We were at each other the entire night; from me refusing to give him my phone number (even though I was obviously into him), to him lying and telling me he was a manager at McDonald’s, and would treat me to the Dollar menu for a date (this couldn’t be farther from the truth). Eventually, the night ended, I departed, and he had my phone number (despite accusing me of giving him a fake). We made plans to get together with two others a couple of days later….. When I ended up seeing him, he professed to me that he barely remembered what I looked like, and wasn’t even sure if he wanted to get together. (How dare him!!!!) Well, needless to say, that 2nd night we hit it off!

From that night forward we became inseparable. He would come to my apartment and hang out with me every night before or after work. We always found a way to entertain ourselves since I didn’t have cable, so we could never sit around and watch tv. We would make each other dinner, enjoy long hours of conversation over wine, and we even started to record our own “show”, which we named the “C & N” show. The C & N show was something we did to amuse ourselves – we would talk about what happened that day, what restaurant or bar we just got back from, future plans, and it also transpired as a way for us to open up easily about our feelings for one another. The next day would come, and we would sit down at my kitchen table with a glass of wine and re-watch the C & N show from the night before…..funny and embarrassing!! Within a matter of weeks, we both knew how we felt for one another. Never before, had I enjoyed spending so many countless hours with another person. Back then, I recall telling him he was my “other half”, because he truly was the other piece of my puzzle; we fit together so perfectly. Everyday I would wake up with a smile on my face, full of life and energy. He truly brought me a happiness that I never knew existed.

We instantly realized we had a mutual interest in travelling. Less than a month after meeting each other and one spur of the moment decision, we were heading to Miami for a weekend getaway. ThoseImage 2 of Nicole and Christopher3 days happened to be 3 of the best days of my life. I left, heading home, knowing I had found my soul mate. We always used to tell each other, “When you know, you know”. Fast forward a month later, and again we were off, this time to the Bahamas together. We loved getting away, exploring different cities & countries, and sharing new experiences with one another. Over the next three years, our journeys took us to Miami (3 more’s a yearly ritual now), The Bahamas, Jamaica, Punta Cana, Arizona – multiple times, mini weekend road trips and getaways, and then to the place that would change it all…….

how they asked: It was almost my 27th birthday, as well as, our 3 year anniversary. We already had a trip to Arizona planned to visit our friends, and partake in the 2015 Super bowl festivities. Last minute, Chris surprised me and told me we were taking a detour to LAS VEGAS!!!! I had never been to Vegas before, and couldn’t have been more ecstatic. If you know me, you know that I love anything involving Paris & the Eiffel Tower. So low and behold, Chris booked us a room on the 30th floor of the Paris hotel, with the most gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower. Throughout our relationship I have always been the trip planner and organizer, as Chris always sat in the passenger seat and went with my flow. For him to pull all of this together, for what I thought was a VERY nice birthday present, I was floored!

I was so in awe with Vegas and the nightlife. We spent the first night exploring some bars and lounges, and then we walked the strip the next day, traveling in and out different casinos. He told me we had reservations at Yellow Tail, a sushi restaurant in the Bellagio for 7pm that evening. I thought nothing of it, because we always go out to nice dinners while on vacation, and my birthday was in 2 days. Of course, I got in the shower too late and had to rush to get ready before departing our hotel to head across the street to the Bellagio. I remember complaining how I forgot my conditioner at home, and I didn’t even have time to curl my hair, before being rushed out.

As we were walking up to the Bellagio, Chris commented that after dinner we should head back down to the Fountains and get a picture of us, before heading out for the rest of the night. I thought it was a great idea! I never turn down a photo opportunity, plus we didn’t have any photos of us both together on the trip so far. Once again, thought nothing of it and kept walking to the restaurant. We were escorted to the outdoor patio of the restaurant, which sat directly along the Bellagio Fountains. This was awesome because we had the opportunity to see the fountain and light show about 4-5 times throughout our meal! I was in awe. Everything was perfect; I didn’t think the night could possibly get better.

We finished our meals and headed back down to where we originally walked up to the hotel. I must’ve stopped and asked three times, “How about here?”, but Chris kept insisting we go down farther so we could get a “better photo”. What was really happening was he was looking for the photographer, that he had hired months ago, and had been texting all throughout dinner to let her know we were coming. So finally he decided on a good spot, walked up to a random lady (or so I thought), and handed her his phone while asking her to take a photo of us. I was already in front of the railing posing, when he came walking back over, saying “hang on I just have to do something really quick”. And then, in the matter of seconds my whole life was about to change, as he bent down to take a ring box out of his sock and asked me to marry him!!!!! As soon as he starting bending down, I went into shock. I kept repeating, “Oh my god….oh my god…” As Chris would explain, I didn’t even say yes right away because I was in complete astonishment. I had been waiting my entire life for this one day, and our entire relationship for Chris to ask me to be his wife, and for it to finally come true, I couldn’t even fathom!!!

Image 3 of Nicole and Christopher Image 4 of Nicole and Christopher

After lots of hugging, kissing, and smiling, I noticed there were a TON of flashes going off. I soon caught on that there was no way that it could have been Chris’s phone camera. I looked over and saw a woman and man with professional cameras, smiling, as Chris explained to me that he hired them! Then to top it off, he told me we have an hour engagement photo shoot all around Vegas! This shocked me even more, because I had always told Chris I wanted someone to capture the moment when the day came, and he would always exclaim that a photographer wasn’t necessary! The next hour was so much fun, and we had our wonderful photographers taking amazing photos of me and my new fiancé! I was so happy and stunned, that the entire time my face and lips were trembling as I was trying to smile for all of the photos.

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We ended up leaving Vegas the next morning, where we headed to Arizona for a week to celebrate with our friends there. Two weeks later, I am still on Cloud 9. I couldn’t have picked out a more beautiful ring or planned this ultimate proposal any better, if I tried!! He did an AMAZING job!! I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

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Photos by Exceed Photography