Nicole and Christopher

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How We Met

There was a birthday house party and as we live in Hong Kong, the costume themes are a big hit. So we all had to come dressed up as a Hollywood figure. It was Monday night so I thought, it would be so embarrassing to wear a costume to the office and then straight to the party so I ditched the whole costume idea. Besides, who would wear a costume on a Monday night! There I was, the only one without a costume so I def stood out. And there was Ironman, the new French guy in town. I asked around to see who knew him and our mutual friend Antoine made the move and made the intro. To my surprise, Ironman was the shyest human being I’ve met so the conversation ran dry after a few seconds. Later that night, he asked me to join the others for more drinks at a club which I then refused as I needed to save all my energy for my birthday party that weekend. Few days go by and on my birthday, I received a facebook message from Ironman wishing me a Happy Birthday and asked me out on a drink! And the rest is history. However, I still need to mention that it took him 2months and multiple dates before he would ask for my mobile number. That was so mysterious that it indeed kept me wondering and guessing. He played it so well, that I never had any doubts, nor did he make me feel in any way unsecure but just curious about his next steps- for months!

how they asked

We were supposed to go to the Philippines over our 9 days public holiday so I made sure we booked in advance to get a good deal! 24 hours before the flight, I realized that I wasn’t able to check in online so I contacted my travel agent, whom I’ve been working with for over 6 years, to let me know what’s happened. She messaged me “I lost your tickets”. A sentence that made me so furious that my entire office heard me scream! I made her understand that she will lose her job first thing Monday morning and she will have the worst travel agent reputation in entire Hong Kong. I was incredible busy and had to run into a meeting so I asked Chris to handle our ticket problems! 9hours later, Chris finally managed to share some good news as he found tickets from Hong Kong to Singapore. Singapore however, absolutely not ideal to spend 9 days at so I was really sad. (CHRIS MADE THE TRAVEL AGENT SEND ME A FAKE E-TICKET SO PHILIPPINES WAS NEVER PLANNED) We departed the next day to Singapore and received an upgrade to Business class. (CHRIS PERSUADED CX AIRLINES TO GIVE US AN UPGRADE BECAUSE OF THIS SPECIAL OCCASSION). We stayed in Singapore for 24hours and suddenly, he asked me to pack my suitcase as the next flight was last minute confirmed. (CHRIS PLANNED THIS 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE). I was not allowed to look at the check in counter; he briefed the immigration officer not to tell me where we’ll go and ended up in front of the gate to Phuket! Sun and Beach and I was a happy girl! Suddenly, he realized we were at the wrong gate, so had to run to another gate – final call to MALE (Maldives)!!! He made me believe that there was some last min cancellation and that’s how we got our tickets confirmed last minute! Once we arrived, a hotel car picked us up and dropped us at a Transit Hotel very close to the airport. I was slightly disappointed that we wouldn’t stay in a resort or on an excluded island however, absolutely thrilled to be in Maldives! At 5am in the morning, Chris woke me up and told me that we had to pack our suitcases as we need to change hotels! So I was just thinking YES awesome! Back to the airport, the concierge came to pick up our suitcases and there it was the logo that made me jump for the next hour- Six Senses in Laamu Island! I was thrilled and couldn’t hide my excitement!! A full on dream come true! A small plane took us to another island down in the South and then we had to take a private boat out to the resort. At the resort, every villa had their own butler and ours was an angel! Without him, I would have been suspicious but every single one I had, he killed it. First night, Chris surprised me with a private sailing boat cruise with a chilled champagne bottle to watch the sunset. Second day, he surprised me with a romantic Spa day. Third surprise, he took me out again for sunset as the weather was better than the first night. We took the boat out to a sandbank where there was a romantic dinner setting being prepared, surrounded by lanterns, candles in heart shape and in front of that, beanbags facing the sunset. The hotel staff helped me out of the boat and advised that the dinner was reserved for another couple but they were able to squeeze us in for the sunset cocktail only! I was in love with our butler (IT WAS ALL ALONG CHRIS OF COURSE) at that point, and was just so amazed by this amazing hospitality. We watched the sunset and suddenly, six dolphins started jumping in front of us! I obviously freaked out and that was the moment he went on his knee and asked me, “Nicole, will you marry me?” Bursting out of laughter, excitement and so much joy, I screamed out a big “Yes”!! Then realizing that the ring box was THE ring box suggestion I shared on my Wedding planning facebook page! Being a Wedding planner myself, he knew it was a very difficult task to surprise me and to impress me but it was more than perfect!

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Special Thanks

Six Senses Laamu
 | Resort
Yero Wong
 | Travel Agent