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How We Met: I met my wonderful fiancé Christopher on Christian Mingle in December 2012. We joke to this day that our communication started with him sending me one of the website’s cheesy default smiles and I tell him how lucky he is that I replied. He doesn’t like the word lucky though. He always corrects me to say “blessed”, one of the many reasons I adore him.

We had our first date on January 4th 2013. He drove all the way from Markham to Hamilton to meet me. I know it sounds cheesy, but we really did have that instant connection you read about in romance novels or watch on TV. Neither of us could tell you what we talked about at dinner that evening, we were both so nervous and giddy to finally be meeting each other! We couldn’t stop talking the entire evening; from dinner, to skating (a good excuse to hold my hand on date one!), to coffee, and finally back to my apartment where we stayed up chatting until the wee hours of the morning. We joked, we laughed, we shared our deepest fears, our faith, and we still ached for more time together. By the end of that night we both knew that this was just the beginning of something special.

We did a lot of praying at the beginning to understand what God wanted for us and on February 10th 2014 he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Very quickly we became inseparable. When he couldn’t be in Hamilton, I was in Markham. After a few months he decided to move to Mississauga so we could be closer to each other and he could also stay close to his work in Toronto as a paramedic.

Chris has been there for me in more ways than I could have ever imagined or prayed for. I’ve never met someone as weird and goofy as I am while still devoting his entire life to God. How could I not feel like I had won the lottery?

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how they asked: We started talking about marriage pretty much right away. It was exciting for us both to have finally met our life partner and we had no doubt that this was the next step for us in our God-loving relationship. I would have gotten engaged two months in EASILY. In fact it was extremely hard for me to wait any longer. But God had a different plan in store for us and boy am I glad we waited. Through our first year of dating God taught us both patience, true love, understanding, compromise, and friendship.

For my birthday back in October, Chris made a cute homemade package for me that creatively explained his gift which was to take me to Niagara Falls for a night. With busy schedules and Christmas coming, we finally booked a night for the two of us to celebrate in January 2014. He planned for us to go ice skating, galavanting at the Bird Kingdom, and a romantic dinner at the top of the Skylon tower. Naturally with our constant talks of marriage and engagement I was a bit suspicious this might be the weekend he chose to propose.

A few nights before we went, Chris decided to ask me when I thought he might pop the question. I laughed and told him I had obviously considered Niagara Falls to be a prime weekend, and I listed a few other suspicions including our One Year Anniversary and Valentines Day. He very lovingly asked me to keep my expectations low for our Niagara Falls trip because he didn’t want me to be disappointed if he didn’t propose. He explained that he wanted me to be able to fully enjoy every moment together that weekend since we’re both always so busy. After a moment (or two or three) of feeling sad and trying to convince myself it really wasn’t going to happen, I put a smile on my face and got excited for a romantic weekend together.

Our plan was to go to the Falls for noon on Saturday and spend the day there, stay overnight and then cross the border to go see Wicked in Buffalo on the Sunday. So when Chris asked me on Thursday night if I wanted to head up on the Friday instead so we can have the luxury of waking up at the Falls on Saturday I was convinced that even if a proposal was in the question it would happen on the Saturday since Friday was so last minute.

So Friday came and Chris told me he was going to spend the day with his brother in Markham while I was at work. Little did I know he had something else up his sleeve…

When Friday evening came, Chris picked me up at my place and we hit the road for our romantic getaway. He had kept the name of our hotel a secret until the very last minute and so when we pulled up to the Marriott Fallsview Hotel I was overwhelmed. (Chris later told me that the reason he chose the Marriott was because he wanted to “marry it” – an example of his wacky sense of humour). We got to our room, and exhausted from the work week I was in my PJs within 2 minutes (had I known a proposal was coming I would have stayed in my nice clothes and reapplied my makeup). As I lazed and channel flicked preparing to fall asleep, Chris gets a phone call from a 1-800 number (Chris later told me that he changed his parent’s contact name to read a random 1-800 number instead). Pretending it had to do with shipping for my One Year gift, he slipped out of the room to take the call. He had previously mentioned he had ordered something for me so I thought
nothing of it.

A few moments later he came back in the room and reassured me that everything was ok. We sat in content watching TV for awhile until I got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. It read “Thank you for choosing to stay at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel, and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us. Should you require assistance, our concierge staff will be pleased to assist you throughout all hours of the day.” Confused, I asked Chris if he had given the hotel my phone number and he casually answered yes and that he had given them both our cell phone numbers. I accepted his answer and returned my attention to the TV. And then the fun started…

My phone went off again shortly after and I had another message from the same unknown phone number (which I later learned was Chris’s buddy who was in on the whole thing). I opened my phone and realized I had been sent a picture message. As I enlarged the photo I discovered it was a picture of a ring box hidden between pillows. I looked up at Chris as if to ask him if he knew anything about this. I think I started uttering words like “What?” and “Is this?” and “Do you?” I was in such disbelief that this might actually be happening. Chris finally had to prompt me to start looking through the pillows on the bed to see if the picture I was sent spoke to be true. I started ruffling through the pillows and found a heart-shaped note that told me the ring box wasn’t there and to look under the sink. I jumped off the bed and raced over to the sink to find another note that told me to look elsewhere.

Laughing and screaming with giddiness, Chris had me running around the hotel room following clue after clue. The last heart-shaped note I found told me to look in my wallet. I looked at Chris in disbelief and asked how on earth he got into my wallet without me knowing. At this point Chris was still acting innocent as if he knew nothing about what was going on and recommended I just do what the note tells me to. Searching through my wallet wondering what was going to happen next, I found one last note attached to a room key that read “It’s not in here! But perhaps you will find what your heart desires in room 1126…” I could barely control my feet underneath me as I scurried to the door and ran down the hall to find room 1126. Running after me, Chris had been taking pictures and videos of my reactions and tried to keep up with me.

As I opened the room beside us I stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw. Candles, everywhere. Flowers upon flowers upon flowers. My eyes followed a trail of rose petals that were scattered from where we were standing to the window across the room that overlooked the beautiful Falls. And at the window he had his acoustic guitar setup. My eyes started welling up and I couldn’t stop thinking “this was all for me?” So speechless and so humbled, I buried my head into Chris’s chest. He hugged me tight and slowly led me over to the window, pointing out details on the way. Orange gerbera daisies, my favourite flowers. Tea light candles arranged in the shape of a heart. Bouquets of roses, all different colours. I couldn’t believe it. My heart was racing as I was looking around. Was this actually happening right now?

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We finally made our way to the window and Chris gave me a kiss and sat me down in the chair in front of him. He sat down holding both of my hands and smiling ear to ear. It was then that he told me he wrote me a song and asked if I’d like to hear it. Eagerly I nodded as I started to feel a lump form in my throat. I wish I could put into words just how beautiful this song was. The notes and chords that he so perfectly combined to create his masterpiece brought me to tears immediately. I just sat and cried and listened to him pour his heart out through his beautifully written lyrics.

As he ended his song, I prayed a series of thank yous to God. I couldn’t believe how much He had blessed me. Chris put his guitar down and through my tears I choked out that his song was beautiful. I was speechless. I had no words that could describe the amount of love I had in my heart for him. And then it happened.

Chris came towards me and took my hands in his and got down on one knee. My heart was pounding. He started to tell me how much he loves me and how his life has changed since he met me. How his first thought every morning is about me and his last thought before he goes to bed is about me. I just listened and smiled through my tears. I couldn’t believe this moment was finally happening for us.

It was then that he reached under the chair I was sitting in and pulled out a ring box. I screamed with giddiness and disbelief at how he got all this past me. He opened the box with one hand and took my hand in the other and looked me directly in the eyes. And finally came those 4 beautiful words that every girl dreams of: “Will you marry me?” Through tears and hugs and kisses, it took me a solid 15 seconds before I realized I still hadn’t answered him. Smiling bigger than I’d known was ever possible I opened my mouth and blurted “The answer is yes!” We cried and hugged each other for a long time and thanked The Lord for pouring his blessings on us.

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We are planning our wedding for September 12th of this year. That day couldn’t come any sooner. We are both feeling so humbled and so blessed that God has brought us together in His amazing timing. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my wonderful Christopher.

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