Nicole and Chris

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

How We Met

Although Chris and I have been dating 5 years we’ve known each other for over 10 years. I was originally introduced to Chris as my brother’s best friend. They had a mutual friend in high school and started a Death Metal band together, Chris being the lead singer. I’ll never forget going to one of his concerts and not understanding how that voice came from a person.

Fast forward many years later to a snow day in the middle of January. My parents threw a Snow Day Party and invited some of our friends! After some fondue and many glasses of wine, I went upstairs for a few minutes and when I came out of my room, Chris was standing there! I later learned my mom and sister encouraged him to go after me. We sat down and talked for a while and immediately hit it off. I was dating someone else at this point, but spent the entire next day coming to the realization that I really wanted to be with Chris! We started out just texting here and there but shortly realized we couldn’t keep away from each other!

I invited Chris to accompany me to a wedding on Valentine’s Day and our relationship took off from there. After a few gym dates and many date dates, Chris took me to a company party and asked me to be his girlfriend! We’ve been together for 5 years since then and although cheesy, every day still feels as exciting as the first!

Nicole's Proposal in Venice, Italy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

Proposal Ideas Venice, Italy

How They Asked

Chris and I love to travel, in the 5 years we’ve been together we’ve visited Mexico, Bali, Dubai, Paris, Iceland, Italy, and have about 500 more places on our list! After our 4 year anniversary, Chris and I started thinking about where we wanted to visit next. Chris had visited Venice in the past and said it was a very special place for him so he wanted to take me back! I was incredibly excited because this would be my first trip to Italy!

We bought our tickets and decided to spend 5 days in Milan and 4 days in Venice. We packed our bags and were off! I secretly hoped that this would be when Chris finally proposed but didn’t get my hopes up! Our friends and family also did an excellent job of convincing me it wouldn’t happen! So after 5 magical days in Milan, we made our way over to Venice. At this point, I was CONVINCED it wasn’t happening (I mean how could he act so casual and not pop the question right away….right?!) We had a very romantic dinner overlooking the Duomo and I thought if it wasn’t happening there it wasn’t happening at all!

So we packed our bags and made our way over to Venice! I was so excited to see the city that we didn’t even unpack and were out the door having lunch in St. Mark’s Square! After a few hours of sight seeing Chris suggested that we go back to the AirBnB. He took me to the rooftop and while we were looking out at the city he told me that we had a surprise dinner and that I should get ready! I really had myself convinced it wouldn’t happen, so I tried to not even think about Chris proposing at this point.

Chris had bought me the most beautiful gown to wear and when I was finished getting ready I was lead to the docks (still under the impression we were off to dinner). I made a joke asking if an Uber was coming to get us (no cars in Venice), and Chris said “something like that”. Next thing I know I’m being lead to a luxury boat that would take us to dinner. We arrived at San Georgio and I was a little more than confused because there were no restaurants there! Chris and I watched the sunset and then next thing I know he kisses me and gets down on one knee!!

I totally blacked out and was a combination of sobbing then giggling then almost passing out. He had the most incredible words prepared to ask me to marry him I couldn’t contain my emotion! Then Kinga, our photographer, appears from nowhere and is snapping photos! It turns out that Chris had also booked an engagement photo shoot for us too!

I practically danced through the streets of Venice letting everyone know WE’RE ENGAGED while we took plenty of photos!
Finally, we arrived at dinner and had a traditional Venetian tasting menu. I barely tasted my food because I was still in shock, but from what I remember it was mind blowing!

We ended our night dancing in St. Marks Square and calling all of our friends and family! It was such a surreal moment I couldn’t believe it was happening to us(I had to check my finger the next morning to make sure it was real). Finally I get to marry my best friend and soul mate and I count myself so incredibly lucky every day!

After a few months of searching, we decided that the only logical place to be married is back in Italy! So on June 10th 2021 we’ll be married in Tuscany! Only a little under 500 days to go (but whos counting?!)!

Special Thanks

Kinga Leftska
 | Photographer