Nicole and Cameron

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How We Met

Nicole and I were introduced in May of 2015 and we began talking through text for a few weeks. I asked her out on a date in June and she had agreed to meet me for dinner. The day of comes and she was very absent in her texting, and ended up telling me this elaborate story of how her dog died, essentially blowing me off. Fast forward a few months and she came across my mind so I thought of giving it another shot! I texted her and we began to talk daily for the next month. Knowing she was in Charlotte I was going to have to wait until I could actually attempt to take her out again. We set up a date for when she would be home next but still wasn’t 100% that we would go on this date (my best friend bet me that we wouldn’t actually go on the date).

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The night comes and we meet and continue to dinner at Rico’s in downtown Buford. My first thoughts were how am I this lucky and I better not screw this up. I had planned for us after dinner to go to the Buford corn maze that fall night. By the end of the night I knew this was going to be something special. Since that day I continue to fall more in love with Nicole and embrace all the moments we have together. She is every answered prayer I’ve prayed and encourages me daily to pursue Christ before anything else. (I have since learned that her dog actually did not die.)

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how they asked

I knew I wanted to propose to Nicole during the spring, knowing she’d be home from school the entire summer before going back for her final semester of nursing school next fall. In January right after Nicole went back to school, I asked her if she could come home Easter weekend so that we could go to church together that Sunday. After she told me that she definitely would be home that weekend I got to planning! I called some friends of ours, Ryan and Shelby (who is a photographer), to ask if she would be interested in photographing a proposal. Knowing Nicole is a curious and investigator into everything I had to be very sneaky with my planning. I had Shelby call Nicole and tell her that she wanted to take some couple pictures for her portfolio and wanted us to do it! Knowing Nicole would get excited about this she called me right after and asked if I would do the photos. I hesitantly said yes to make it seem like I was not interested or had no part of this. Further, I had Shelby tell her they should go to the spa, nail salon, and shopping before the photo-shoot to have a girls day. Nicole was hesitant but I encouraged her to do it knowing that when she reflected on the day it would be perfect.

Well, I knew that Nicole would probably think something was going on and might expect a proposal during the photo-shoot so I had to take it a step further. I created an “invitation” to a birthday party for my Aunt’s 40th birthday at a local barn and told her we had to at least stop by for a little while. The day came and Nicole and Shelby went off to begin their girls day. I met back up with them for our photo-shoot. We went to the lake to capture a few pre-engaged photos. After our quick photo-shoot we all four went to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date in downtown Buford. Nervous, I only had two bites of my dinner and Nicole was concerned since this was not normal. Little did she know all the butterflies I had in my stomach thinking of all that was about to happen! After we finished dinner I reminded her that we had to go by the barn to visit with my family for my aunt’s birthday and also invited Ryan and Shelby to join us. Little did she know not only was my family there but hers were also. I called my brother and asked if he was at the birthday telling him we were on the way (the heads up call).

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We pulled up and I had my brothers standing outside the barn and open the doors for us when we walked in. Nicole’s first words: “Where is everybody?” Holding back my emotions I said, “Look”.

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During her girls day I had set up the barn with pictures from our past 18 months of dating hanging from beam to beam and a table set up at the end. Seeing her reaction instantly became my favorite memory ever.

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After enjoying the moment and reflecting on all we had adventured through together and embracing the engagement, our families came out and joined us in celebration.

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