Nicole and Brian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

How We Met

Brian and I met at a bar called Brazen Fox in White Plains, NY, back in December 2016. I went out with my sister Anna to meet one of my brothers best friends James for drinks, and Brian was a part of his group of friends from college. Immediately Brian and I were drawn to each other. We spent the whole night together, drinking, dancing, and laughing. James of course was snapping pictures of us that night, because like a brother would do, he was teasing us. This is a picture from that night….. Right after Brian spelt half of his beer on me. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Back in February, Brian and I had decided to book a trip to Montauk for 2017 Columbus Day weekend. My family and I used to go to Montauk this exact weekend every year because it was a holiday weekend, and because it always fell around my Birthday, which is October 9th. My family stopped going to Montauk after my Dad passed away back in October of 2006 – we only went back one time, and that was the first year following his death. This year I was so excited to go back with my mom and siblings, my uncle and his family, and Brian.

(My at the time, boyfriend) Brian had never been to Montauk, but he’s always heard me talk about so many beautiful memories that I had made growing up while there. We both had been looking forward to this weekend for a while. Leading up to Montauk, Brian and I had talked about spending our lives together, and its something that we both wanted with one another. I felt like our relationship was heading toward engagement and marriage, but I knew that Brian would surprise me when he was ready to pop the question.

Montauk weekend finally came, and I was stoked to show Brian around Montauk for his first time there! We arrived on Friday October 6th. We walked the beach, we relaxed, and we planned out our Saturday. Brian said he really wanted to get away for a few hours and check out the Montauk Point Lighthouse, which I was completely down for. The light house has amazing views of the ocean and the sky, and its a wonderful place to sightsee for anyone who’s never been to Montauk. We woke up on Saturday to amazing weather, blue skies, and the perfect temperature. We had invited all of my family members to come along with us, but they’ve all seen the light house so many times and all declined the invite. Brian and I walked the entire light house grounds, we walked through the museum, and we climbed the light house tour. We took pictures of each other throughout our time there, we even took a few selfies. We were taking full advantage of the weather and our amazing surroundings, snapping as many pictures as we could. The day was normal to me. Brian and I always get lost in our time together, we always snap pictures of each other, and nothing seemed out of usual.

After walking the entire grounds and climbing the light house tour, Brian had said he wanted to walk around the property one more time to find the perfect spot to ask someone to take a picture of us. I said okay, even though at this point in the day I was getting pretty tired, I hadn’t eaten, and it was HOT outside. But I happily agreed. We walked to the side of the lighthouse museum and Brian found the perfect spot to “take a picture”. He told me he was going to ask someone to take some pictures for us and to wait “wait here”. I said okay and waited for him to return. A minute or two later he came back with another lighthouse visitor and Brian asked me to show the man how to use our camera. I did. Brian and I then posed to take some pictures together, and a few picture snaps later, Brian was down on his knee asking me to marry him. It was the happiest moment of my life. We laughed, we hugged, we kissed, I cried! LOL And when we got back to our room at the Surf Club, my family was waiting for us to celebrate. It was another Columbus Day weekend in Montauk that I will never forget!

Heres some pictures of us sightseeing:

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

Proposal Ideas Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

Nicole and Brian's Engagement in Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

Nicole's Proposal in Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

Where to Propose in Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Montauk Point Light House (Montauk, NY)

Heres some pictures of us at the top of the lighthouse:

These are the pictures that a stranger took for us at the “perfect spot to take a picture” where Brian proposed. He later told me that he had whispered in the mans ear, “Don’t freak out, I’m about to propose to my girlfriend, take as many pictures as you can”. I never got that mans name, but I thank him so much for capturing this special moment that Brian and I will never, EVER forget.