Nicole and Brett

how we met

We had both grew up in the same town and went to the same high school but had never crossed paths! It was after Brett had graduated college and came back to the Bay Area (my senior year of college) that we met! My best friend, Natalie, was good friends with Brett’s new roommates so Natalie and I would frequent their house often for social gatherings and weekends out. From the moment we hung out the first time, our love story began!

how they asked

In 2019, we had decided to uproot our lives in the Bay Area and move to Las Vegas. While still in the Bay Area, we put down a deposit on a lot so we could begin building our new & FIRST home together. One month later, we had to fly out to Vegas to finalize the details of our home. We had planned to meet our realtor at our lot immediately upon arrival to “take a sold sign photo”. Little did I know this was just a made-up reason to get us all gathered at the lot with a professional photographer so Brett could get down on one knee.As I grabbed the sold sign to take our first photo, Brett took my hand and knelt down to ask me to start our life together, here on the very lot which would soon be our house together. Later that night for dinner, he surprised me even more and had my parents fly in to meet us. It was truly an amazing day!

Special Thanks

Karissa Russ & Co.
 | Photography
Nelson Ghost Town
 | Location