Nicole and Brent

How We Met

Brent and I have known each other since I was a sophomore and he was a senior in high school, but we actually started talking to each other when he DM’d me on Instagram! We finally started hanging out and wow I really started falling for him and little did I know he started falling for me too! It was all moving so fast we kinda just grew apart because we both weren’t ready for a serious relationship. He still remained a great friend for years to come. I would go to him for advice with boyfriends I’d have. We never really reconnected until I was out of high school and one night I was at a girlfriends house and didn’t really want to go home. I don’t really remember who texted who first, but I ended up spending the night at his dad’s house and the rest was history. I think I knew I was stuck with him forever when he showed up to my work the next day with all his friends! I ran to the back and almost threw up because I had so many butterflies in my stomach. Our relationship developed fast and we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together before we were even officially dating. We’ve been through it together. After only six months of dating and moving into an apartment with six of our friends and then moving in with his mom, we found out we were pregnant. The pregnancy was easy, but the labor and delivery was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I was restricted to the bed and was in labor for three days. He cleaned me up when my water broke and I couldn’t go take a shower. He helped me “bathe” myself which was actually just wiping me down with baby wipes! It was the most insecure and weak I’ve ever felt in my life, but he reassured me that I was the strongest women he’d ever known and he had whole new respect for me and all the mothers out there.

How They Asked

Fast forward 15 months later and EVERYONE is telling us to get married or at least engaged. He had me so convinced that we weren’t going to be engaged until we established somewhere we could call home for our little family. I was honestly fine with that, but all my friends were either getting engaged or married and a little part of me wishes Brent would just pop the question. His grandfathers 70th birthday was coming up and his whole family was going on a five-day cruise and we were staying in a big house in Charleston for two days and having family photos taken the day before we left.

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I had absolutely no idea it was going to happen, but almost everyone else did. We were the last family group to have our photos taken and I thought we were done, but I saw his drop to one knee. I thought we were doing more poses for the pictures, but after about thirty seconds I finally saw the ring! I immediately started yelling In the highest pitched voice “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” I did that for about three minutes before he could finally ask if I would become apart of their family forever.

He asked it in the most perfect way. Surrounded by his family and getting it photographed was exactly how he pictured it. I will forever remember this day as the best day of my life. I can barely remember what actually happened, but our photographer was so great with getting second by second shots of what was actually happening. I absolutely cannot wait for our forever together.

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