Nicole and Brenden

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Detroit, MI

How We Met

In March of 2016, Brenden and I met at a friend’s birthday party. Nothing became of that meeting because I was dating someone and he was just getting out of a relationship. We did become friends on Facebook. I ended my relationship shortly after that party. The summer went by and in November of 2016, Brenden asked my friend about me and if I was still single, which I was and she gave with the ok to contact me. He messaged me on Facebook exchanged a couple messages and phone numbers. A little over a week went by before we were able to actually meet. On November 25, 2016 we went up for drinks and instantly hit it off. The next day was our first official date and we went to dinner and the Red Wings game. It was perfect and I knew from that point this was something special and different. The rest is history…and here we are about 7 months later happily engaged and planning our wedding.

how they asked

My now fiancé told me he had an award ceremony for work. He’s a police officer. I was so happy and proud of him, but little did I know it was a plan to get me dressed up for the big proposal. On the way to the ceremony, he called his chief who then informed him he had the wrong day. I just blew it off as no big deal, since he gets dates confused all the time. So we then went to the uniform store where he needed to pick something up anyways. His friend who owns the store just happened to be landing his helicopter in the parking lot. He offered us a ride. I was reluctant to go because we had a party to get ready for the next day. He convinced me and off we went. We flew over the downtown Detroit and the Detroit river. As we’re flew over the river I noticed people standing on the sidewalk waving. It took me a couple seconds to realized it, but it was My family and his family standing there holding a sign that said “nicole will you marry me?” I was in complete shock and looked over at Brenden who was holding the ring. I instantly starting crying with happiness and of course said “YES”. Afterwards we met up with our familes at a nice restaurant for dinner which he had planned also to celebrate.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Detroit, MI

It was such a perfect day and we couldn’t be happier to be getting married.

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