Nicole and Braeden

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How We Met

I met Braeden through one of my best guy friends, Avery Harrison. Avery actually grew up with Braden since they were toddlers. I met Avery my freshman year of college and then once we graduated we ended up being neighbors in Atlanta! Somehow me and Braeden’s paths never crossed until 2019.

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One night as I was getting ready to go to sleep Avery texted me and told me to come up and hang because he had some childhood friends over. I really did not want to, but I ended up just doing it! When I arrived I was greeted by Kirby, Matt, and… Braeden Berry. Now, this was not a normal meeting situation because as I walked in Braeden was venting to his friends about some life events that he was going through. I remember telling Matt “who is this dude?” Matt just said, “he’s cool, be chill”.

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I honestly did not think anything of him because I truly just thought he was going through a weird time and was unavailable. He was very outgoing and charming, but again I just sorta played it cool. As the night when on we got on a conversation about random topics and he just looked straight at me and said “I am going to marry you one day” I swear it was like a movie! I laughed it off and then just went downstairs to my apartment.

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In the following weeks, Braeden started coming around more often and I still was oblivious to his gestures. He would drive an hour all the way from Covington, GA just to sit next to me in a movie and then an hour all the way home just to get friend-zoned. (poor guy geez)

As time went on he made it very clear he was pursuing me, I was in full denial and kept turning him down and telling all my friends “it would never happen”. He was persistent and never gave up. He kept pursuing, bringing me flowers, writing sweet letters, etc. Well, time went on and I could not hide it anymore and I finally admitted I was smitten. We finally went on our first date in the fall of 2019 and he gave me clues the whole day through poems as to what the date would be. It was at the top of Ponce City Market in Atlanta and it was perfect.

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Fast forward a year and a half and we are here!!

How They Asked

It was my birthday, April 22, 2021. I HAD NO CLUE!!!! I was just enjoying my birthday, turning 27, and not even thinking it would happen that day. In my mind, he was doing it sometime in the summer so it was not even on my mind. I had my nails done for my birthday, something I do every year so that was good! I was just going on about my day, I knew we had dinner plans, but that was it.

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My family told me they were all busy so I just assumed it was just going to be me and Brae at dinner and then come home and have some cake. Around 6 Braeden came and picked me up to go to a local restaurant called Mojave. I was so excited because I love celebrating birthdays. As we got to the dinner everything was normal, however, our food came SO fast and I remember Braeden getting a bit nervous and he kept ordering more things to spread the time out. I truly was not thinking anything of it. I was in a really giggly, happy mood and was just so content. He kept going to the bathroom and I remember thinking, dang he must have to pee A LOT… hahaha. Little did I know he was coordinating with people at our ENGAGEMENT spot… WHAT!

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So dinner ends and after the fact, Braeden told me he had to tell the waiter to bring the check at 6:55.. such a random time she was probably so confused haha. After dinner, Braeden said we needed to go get something from his friend Jeho at Walton on the river who was working there and I said “Sarah has something for me and she is there too!! This is perfect” So we arrive at the river. Braeden randomly changes his shoes and that is when I start to get skeptical, but in my mind, I kept thinking “there is no way he would do it on my birthday” I legit thought he threw me a surprise birthday party.

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He grabs my hand and we walk down the stairs and I was oblivious looking for Sarah and then BAM there is a blanket with rose petals and a sign that says “Will you Berry me?” Then I started freaking out with SO much excitement! I started crying before we even made it to the blanket. We make it to the blanket and honestly I don’t even remember what he said because I was so happy and crying tears of PURE JOY. All I remember was him saying “will you spend forever with me?” I jump up and say YES!!!!! and then I look over to the side at this gazebo and ALL my friends and family was there!!!! It was a proposal and a birthday party all in one. BEST BIRTHDAY OF MY LIFE! I was so excited I even broke my dress hahaha…I will never forget that day. Avery gave a speech and it just all came full circle. I am so thankful Avery invited me up to that apartment that night, what a true blessing!!!!!!

Here’s to FOREVER <3

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Special Thanks

Sarah Joy Smith
 | Photographer