Nicole and Bradley


How We Met

It all really started December ’13 when Brad & I played Mary & Joseph for our church Christmas program. We started texting a lot, singing together for church services, & one day Brad asked me to help him with writing a song for his album. I SAID YES (duh)!


We met at a park down the street from my house, & we were both pretty nervous. That night, Brad worked up the nerves to ask me to go to see an UsTheDuo concert in Philly. I SAID YES (duh again)’! Lots happened before that “first official date” like Brad kicking a soccer ball at my head & giving her a concussion (by accident), taking me out to Starbucks as an apology, & a totally “unofficial” ice cream date.

We totally DTR’d it (defined the relationship) the night of the concert & we kept hanging out that Summer. Bad news though… I was leaving for Florida for 10 months to study at a school of music in Florida (we live in PA!!!). So Brad got a move on things… & long story short, Brad finally asked me out & I SAID YES (duh)! I left 5 hours later for school.


Lots of craziness happened that year. Through goofy FaceTime calls, heartfelt letters, tough conversations, surprise visits, & lots of prayer, we made it through LDR!

how they asked

So jumping to April 2016… Brad sneakily met with my dad, affectionally called “Pastor Rob”, to ask for his blessing to marry me… I had no idea. My dad approved, so Brad went & found the perfect ring & planned the perfect surprise engagement day (if he can say so himself ;)).


He told me his friend Chris wanted to do a photoshoot on the beach with us (which was true), so we got all dressed up, drove down to Cape May, & Brad surprised me with a nice fancy dinner.


He told me he wanted to treat me like the most amazing girl & said he had 2 gifts for me. We got to the beach & it was so cold, the sun wasn’t out, & it looked like it could rain at any second. He told me to trust him, & we went out onto the empty beach, laid out a blanket… I was pretty excited about these presents.

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The first present was a video of our relationship up until that point, & the video led up to Brad pulling out a box from his bookbag, & it was a RING BOX! He had me stand up, he told me how much he loves me, & asked me to marry him. So on Sunset Beach in Cape May, New Jersey, on April 29, 2016, for the fourth time in the past 2 years, I SAID YES (duhhhhhhhh!!!!)!




Our Video

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