Nicole and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I met in high school (my junior year, his sophomore year) at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We talked for a bit, but I didn’t think much of it as I left the party early with some friends. The next day I got a Facebook message from him saying, “Nicole, I have to tell you something. Text me.” I didn’t have his phone number so I replied, “I don’t have your number, you text me,” and gave him my phone number. Come to find out, he didn’t actually have to tell me anything, that was just his excuse to get my phone number and talk to me. We talked for a while and saw each other at school frequently. Our first “date” was at our friend’s house and we ended up having our first kiss in the driveway when we were leaving. He then asked me to be his girlfriend in my car when I dropped him off at his house after school. I’m older so I was 16 at the time and he was only 15 and couldn’t drive yet.

How They Asked

After college, Blake got a job out in Oklahoma City, but I still live in Arizona so we’ve been doing long distance for 2 years. He came to visit me for the 4th of July weekend and we spent the weekend at his parents’ house in Gilbert. We had planned to lay low for the weekend because of coronavirus, so I didn’t bring any “cute” clothes with me to stay at his parents’ house because I didn’t think we’d be going anywhere. On the morning of our proposal, I got ready and put on a t-shirt that said “y’all” on it and jean shorts. Blake knew that I would be upset if we got engaged while I was wearing that so he made a comment on my outfit and asked if I had brought a sundress or a romper with me to change into as we had plans to have dinner with his family at their house that night.

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He never comments on my outfit like that so I got a little offended. His parents then came into his room and said that we should just go get dinner at a “nice” restaurant instead and that made me confused because we hardly go out to eat as Blake loves to cook. Blake’s brother was also in on it and called Blake to ask him if we wanted to go out to a bar after dinner (trying to get me to change my outfit). I thought that was weird because we aren’t supposed to be going out because of coronavirus and his brother never wants to go out to the bar in the first place. Blake then got in the shower and I started second-guessing my outfit and immediately texted my mom about it. She encouraged me to come home and change so I wouldn’t be underdressed in a t-shirt and jean shorts at dinner.

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Once Blake got out of the shower, I told him that I was going to go home to change and I could meet them at the restaurant. He started to get worried that I would blow the surprise because little did I know that he actually already had the ring hidden in my car under the driver’s seat. He told me that he would go with me to my house to change, but I am so stubborn that I got in the driver’s seat of my car to drive home and made him sit in the passenger seat. Luckily I didn’t see the ring. We got to my house and my whole family was dressed and ready. I’m very nosy so I asked them where they were going and they said they were going to run errands and I didn’t think much of it. My mom helped me pick out an outfit quickly then my family left the house. Blake and I then got back in my car to head to the “restaurant” and he insisted on driving there.

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His mom called him while we were driving there and asked if we could stop at one of her client’s houses to “pick up a paint sample” and she “sent him an address.” When we pulled into the neighborhood, I immediately said, “Isn’t this where Grant used to live?” (We had our first kiss in Grant’s driveway in high school, but his family sold the house a few years ago). We parked at the house next to it and started walking up and I saw balloons on the mailbox and rose petals in the shape of a heart in the driveway where we had our first kiss.

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I then saw the photographer (I personally know her because I am a wedding coordinator and she works at the venue I work at) and I immediately knew what was happening. I began crying/laughing while Blake finally got to explain why he made me change my outfit and told me he wanted to have our last kiss as boyfriend/girlfriend in the same place we had our first one. Both of our families were there to witness it and celebrate with us!

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We are beyond excited to be engaged and can’t wait to be done with long-distance!

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Special Thanks

Silvana Braggio
 | Photographer