Nicole and Benjamin

Nicole's Proposal in Glacier Point Summit, Yosemite Valley

How We Met

On June 25th, 2015, I started a new job. It was my first day of training and I was waiting patiently for my second trainer of the day to show up. Enter Benjamin Roy. It was like the room lit up when he walked in. He had the biggest smile on his face, he looked as if he was glowing. I never believed in those “I knew you were the one the day I met you” stories, until I got to live it that day. As we spent hours together that day at work, I heard this little voice in my head saying, “That’s your husband.” From that day forward I knew. I’m a shy, introverted person, but it seemed so easy to be out-going around him. We got to know each other quickly, and on December 1st, 2015, he asked me to be his girlfriend by leaving an adorable note for me under the Christmas tree in the office at work. I still have the note and I look at it (and him, of course) when I need to be reminded that there is always something good and joyful in the world. He opened my heart to unconditional love and a surge for adventure that I can’t seem to turn off. Since he arrived, I’ve understood the meaning of a companion.

Proposal Ideas Glacier Point Summit, Yosemite Valley

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Glacier Point Summit, Yosemite Valley

how they asked

After visiting Yosemite Valley in 2016, Ben and I were eager to return. So for six months Ben planned the adventure. Little did I know, it was all centered around his goal to propose there. On June 14th, 2017, we woke up in Yosemite at 5AM and headed to Glacier Point for sunrise. When we arrived, Ben set up his camera for a picture and asked me to be in it. He took my hand and gently guided me to the top of the cliff. Unexpectedly, he pulled me close to him, squeezed my hand tightly and said, “Actually, I came here for a reason.” He dropped down to his knee and asked me to marry him just as the sun peaked over Half Dome. He even recruited a friend to film the whole thing. Besides the word “YES!”, I was left speechless.