Nicole and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I met at a church in college. We both attended Western Carolina University. He graduated a couple years ago and I am finishing my student teaching this year for my senior year. My best friend and I used to sit in the corner before worship every Thursday night and talk with friends. One Thursday I had my eye on a particular guy that I thought was so handsome and charming! We got to know each other over the next few weeks when we both attended the homecoming football game as well as our church’s fundraiser. We found out we had a mutual interest in mountain biking. He offered to take me out on the mountain biking trails around campus – that was our first date. how they asked for a second date is beyond me! My bike slipped out from under me and I fell, knocking the breath out of me. It was extremely embarrassing! Yet somehow he still asked me out to dinner, where we talked for hours until the waitress practically kicked us out before closing. I have fallen more and more in love with him every day since. When he graduated and moved back to his hometown it was difficult being away from him, but we made it work. I drove to Hayesville almost every weekend to see him, and we both credit Hayesville for being the town where we really fell in love. It’s the town where we went hiking, fishing, on long walks or runs down at the dam, and give lots of love to his dog, Ellie, who will turn 2 next year. Last summer I moved to Hayesville so we could be together and it has been amazing. The commute to school has been less than stellar, but it is 100% worth it to be able to be closer to him!

how they asked

My fiancé Austin and I live in Hayesville, a small town in western North Carolina with a population of less than 400. Growing up in Charlotte, I welcome the slower pace, being able to walk through town and know most of who I see. In the center of town we have an old courthouse which was built in 1889 and is currently under construction to bring it back to life. It’s the focal point of our little town and it is absolutely beautiful! On December 6th, Austin told me that we were going to get our photo at Town Hall for the newspaper since he had recently been elected and sworn into Hayesville’s Town Council.

Unbeknownst to the real plan, I dressed up and we went down to Town Hall to get our picture taken. We personally know the photographer, and it was perfectly believable because she does in fact work for the local newspaper. It was also Austin’s birthday that day, and we had some time before our dinner reservation, so our photographer, Kelli, offered to get some pictures of us in front of the courthouse. She snapped a couple photos and then asked “do you want to do one more?”. That was his cue. Austin started to kiss me and tell me how much I mean to him. I had no idea what was going on as I didn’t expect a proposal until near or close to my university graduation next year. When he reached into his pocket it hit me. I started ugly crying, y’all. Like ugly ugly crying. I was shocked and so incredibly happy.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hayesville, North Carolina

This man is the man of my dreams. I of course said yes, repeatedly actually, because I couldn’t remember if I had said yes yet. Our photographer got photos of the whole thing right in front of the courthouse. He proposed on the square of the town where we fell in love. Austin told me after proposing, “all I want for my birthday is you”, and so on December 6, 2017, his 26th birthday, he proposed. We are getting married in July 2018 at our church down the street from the courthouse. I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hayesville, North Carolina

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Special Thanks

Kelli Graves
 | Photographer