Nicole and Ariel

Image 1 of Nicole and Ariel

How We Met

Like many couples these days, we met on a dating app (thanks Tinder!) I was at home bored on a Sunday morning, procrastinating doing my grad school homework when I decided to create an account (again). By a stroke of luck and destiny, Ariel was close by at his job, also swiping left and right. The rest is history.

How They Asked

He surprised me with a trip to Atlantic City, NJ for my 25th birthday. That morning, at 5:00am, we woke up to walk down to the beach to watch the sunrise — something I LOVE and he hates to do. It was so freezing and I kept asking to go back to our hotel room but he insisted that we keep waiting to watch the sun come up on my new year of life! While I was, of course, getting my phone ready to take a birthday selfie with the gorgeous colors of the sky, I turned around and he was on one knee. I immediately started asking him what he was doing then screamed, “DUH!”

Image 2 of Nicole and Ariel